Behemoth marketing giant Grapevine Communications keeps our readers sold, but newcomer Brian Carlock Creative Solutions demonstrated some impressive outreach as well, coming in as first finalist in the close competition. GravityFree floated in as second finalist, while atLarge, Inc. finished as third finalist in this campaign.

Kristie O’Kon (on Grapevine Communications): So creative and efficient!

Kathy Martin (on Brian Carlock Creative Solutions): I have followed Brian's work on Donte's Den and Mandeville Beer Garden. His style is unique and refreshing. Brian's extensive professional and refreshing look at marketing is going to play an integral part in the greater community. I have found his work to be crisp clean and precise.

Darlene Martin (on Brian Carlock Creative Solutions): My favorite campaign had to be Donte's Den Newcomer video. I felt like I was watching an actual TV show! And the ending made me cry tears of joy. Brian Carlock Creative Solutions has brought fresh, modern design coupled with big agency experience to SRQ.