Crispy, greasy and fried to a perfect golden brown, it’s, like, totally hard to beat a good French fry, but that doesn’t stop area chef’s from trying, dressing up the classic side dish with toppings and special seasonings and transforming the simple salty delight into a freaky-deaky culinary centerpiece. S’macks Burgers & Shakes holds on to the Best Of title for another year running, easily shrugging off the competition with voters bootin’ and bookin’ for more Parmesan Garlic fries. Libby’s Café, absent from last year’s rankings, returns for a strong first finalist position thanks to its blazin’ truffle fries. Gecko’s drops one spot to the second finalist position and State Street Eating House and Shore Diner tie as third finalists.

Dr. Cynthia Clark (on S’macks Burgers & Shakes): I LOVE S’macks sweet potato fries! Delicious AND nutritious, and I really appreciate a company that is so conscientious as to serve 100 percent hormone- and steroid-free burgers and provide gluten-free options!

Liese Rodriguez (on S’macks Burgers and Shakes): S'macks has the best fries not because they are fries but because they put the biggest smile on your face when you eat them. Taste buds and your belly will be so happy!

Jason Cannon (on Libby’s Café): Perfectly crisply fried. Served in a paper-lined cone. Just enough truffle oil to count but not so much it overpowers. Addictive. And more than once they have refilled that cone with fresh hot fries, on the house, before I finished, just because they know cold ones aren't as good.

Leeann Swor (on Gecko’s): I just LOVE the sweet potato fries! So crispy and the sweet dipping honey is a great touch! It's an easy place to go with a group including kids after a sporting event or anytime!

Deb Kabinoff (on State Street Eating House): Served piping hot, with a beautiful brown crispy outside and creamy delicious inside: State Street’s fries are perfection! They are the best in town, from wonderful taste to terrific presentation!

Eric Nashbar (on State Street Eating House): French fries like no other in town! These are fresh (not out of a plastic bag) really reminiscent of those extraordinary fries you get on the boardwalk. Crisp, freshly peeled, hand-cut and piping hot—perfection!