With so much to see, eat and do, sometimes it pays to be a bit thrifty and the voters know a good deal when they see one. As the cool cats say, a cheeseweasel and his moolah are soon parted. Duval’s emerged a clear winner in this debut category, with numerous voters taking advantage of its $7 lunch specials, with Evie’s Tavern and Gecko’s running neck-and-neck to the end with $5 burgers for a tie as first finalists. Yoder’s Restaurant serves up a second finalist finish alongside hearty and generous portions of comfort food that can warm even the coldest diner, and Main Street’s Coffee Carrousel sidles up to the table in the third finalist position.

Jean Farrington (on Duval’s): Delicious lunch specials. $10 combo of soup & salad or half sandwich and soup or salad is a great buy and always tasty! Duval's cares about its clientele. Staff is friendly and the manager often stops to ask if everything is fine.

April White (on Duval’s): I love the food at Duval’s and you just can’t beat the $7 lunch specials.

Debbie Moore (on Duval’s): We have had an excellent experience every time we have dined at Duvall's restaurant on Main Street. Amelia is our favorite bartender and waitress. The food is always off the charts whether you're ordering fish meat or pasta. We recently took company there for dinner two weeks ago and dined in the main dining room and everything was perfect. Our company said as we were leaving, “Can we come here next year when we visit?” It's a very friendly and elegant establishment.

Bruce Killian (on Evie’s Tavern): The food and drinks are all reasonably priced. They go above and beyond to do specials that help families save money and the people at Evie's care deeply about customer service. Simply stated, Evie's Gets It!

Carl Wise (on Evie’s Tavern): The atmosphere is relaxed at lunchtime and the bartender Dianna is absolutely a gem. Each day there is some kind of special (some days hamburger, others pizza—I guess if you are a “regular,” one gets the rhythm of the menu) but whatever day it is, the popcorn is fresh and the personality of Dianna is always on.

Don Judd (on Yoder’s Restaurant): Yoder's has a broad menu with great tasting selections at very reasonable prices. And then there are the pies!

Sara Sota (on Coffee Carrousel): The place is a hidden treasure! Where else in Sarasota can you get two eggs, toast, hash browns and unlimited coffee for $6.00? Oh, and did I mention that includes the tip? Homemade home fries, great coffee and if you are lucky, you might be there on a day when they have homemade coffee cake or other treats. Great homestyle cooking!

Linda Tygh (on Coffee Carrousel): Best bang for the buck hands down. Coffee Carrousel is tops for breakfast. Two eggs, hash browns, potatoes or grits plus toast and coffee (including refill) for $3.75 is a steal. Everything is cooked to my request. Restaurant is very homey and comforting. Love it!

Paul Steinwachs (on Coffee Carrousel): Coffee Carrousel is like an old town diner. It is long on good food but short on decor. The two sisters and mom make you feel like you are dining in their home. Breakfast specials every day at prices found nowhere else. Try their delicious blueberry pancakes and corn beef hash. Best around.