The revitalization of Westfield Siesta Key continues with the opening of Bravo Coastal Bar and Kitchen, the lovechild of Brio Tuscan Grille and Bravo Cucina Italiana. The restaurant group hopes Coastal Bar and Kitchen emerges as a bona fide destination all its own, and with an eclectic menu of subtly altered standards and matchless proprietary offerings, it may soon find itself topping the popularity of its parent restaurants as a go-to in restaurant-goers’ rotation of favorites.

The word “saltimbocca” exudes an Italian panache that can spark daydreams of seaside villages, open-air markets and bright studios scattered with easels and half-finished landscape paintings. Bravo’s Chicken Saltimbocca presents like a three-dimensional piece of abstract art, starting with a thick brush stroke of butternut squash. The squash’s earthy color and flavor blends seamlessly with the uber tender chicken cutlets blanketed in provolone cheese. Topping the cutlets are crispy rippings of prosciutto, fresh sage for garnish and the secret focal point of the meal—lemon caper sauce. The sauce adds an electric pinch of sweet-and-sour to an otherwise creamy and savory experience. 

Bravo’s Ultimate BLT stacks like a gravity-defying Lego house, with thick layers of vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes, bibb lettuce, crunchy bacon and Bravo’s hand-cut fries. These are no ordinary fries—they are the result of a painstaking three-step process culminating in sublime bunches of spudsy and salty sticks. For those hoping to consume the deep-blue mystery of the ocean, Bravo invites eaters to sample the scallops. Pan-seared to a crispy brown, drizzled with chimichurri sauce and garnished with spicy microgreens, this small-plate selection may cause relationship problems as each patron tries to hoard the morsels into their unofficial eating space. If you’re on a low-cal diet or just wanting to masquerade as a healthy eater, the chopped salad will satisfy and fill your stomach with its refreshing blend of bibb lettuce, smoked gouda, avocado slices and a Spanish twist with its chile-lime ranch and roasted corn