What once began as a local contractor  for pool and backyard renovations out of Osprey, has since garnered a national fan base, and grown into a TV phenomenon with added destinations countrywide. You may have recognized some familiar scenery throughout the three hit seasons of Insane Pools: Off The Deep End on Animal Planet, which follows the Lucas Lagoons team as they create mind-blowing backyards that float on the lap of luxury—complete with lavish poolscapes, dream-like spas, outdoor showers, fire pits, swim-up bars, intricate gardens, floating islands, exotic waterfalls and barbecuing courtyards. Founder Lucas Congdon intends to take the world by storm with his elaborate landscape designs, to incorporate natatorial elements wetter and wilder than ever. “Our biggest, most challenging jobs are coming up this year—including a treehouse and a 140’ water slide with massive rock work and grottos over one million pounds,” reveals Congdon. “We’re also boring huge holes through natural rock to make lazy rivers structurally engineered for velocity zones.” Congdon and his team utilize different materials and building techniques, dependent on location and the ecosystem’s native resources. “If we’re building in Florida, we use Florida limestone or Tennessee stone. I also love to use beach pebble as it’s timeless and natural, but also lends itself to a modern and clean aesthetic,” he explains. “But if we’re building in Utah, like the last job we finished, we use Utah glacial boulders.” It blends more seamlessly with the natural surroundings, he notes. Since the inception of the show in 2015, Congdon has witnessed outdoor projects evolve to push physical and imaginative boundaries. He continues to encourage clients’ visions to expand, to think more about the whole picture and inflate outside the box. “Our clients want to see the overall plan and design incorporate the entire space to create an out-of-the-norm experience,” he says, and Congdon plans to continue to inspire people to think big, all the while tailoring each pool/yard to the family's lifestyles. “We truly listen to our clients and how they desire to use the space,” Congdon says, “then filter it through our design tactics to mesh form and function in beautiful harmony.”