Quirky husband and wife duo Michael and Desiree Kapica  founded Charming Shark Surf Jewelry in 1984 as a local line of beach lifestyle jewelry, but soon found adventure in providing wholesale jewelry to the world’s biggest surf shops and busiest gift shops—from Key West, San Diego, Waikiki and beyond. Building the brand, the Kapicas road-tripped the country in a camper van all throughout the ’80s and ’90s, personally going door-to-door and getting their name/product into every store they pulled over for—ultimately evolving the company into one of the most recognized wholesale jewelry companies, sponsoring professional surfers, shredding the expo circuit and attracting a partnership with Surfing Hall of Fame inductee Juan Rodriguez to handcraft exclusive wooden displays in the shape of surfboards. Each display is autographed, numbered and provided complementary to retailers who purchase Charming Shark. Fitting for stylish designs and quality fabrication that rise above souvenir gimmicks and cheap, touristy adornments flooding the market. Due to the depletion of shark tooth finds in the Venice area—effects of climate change, tropical storms and over-tourism—the Kapicas now source shark teeth from Morocco, where fossilized chompers from the extinct Otodus genus are excavated from the Sahara Desert. 45-60 million years old, each adopts a distinct coloring from minerals absorbed while buried in sand. But everything remains designed and fashioned locally, and Charming Shark has even expanded from the mainstay necklaces to include handcrafted bracelets, anklets and earrings, made from materials such as bone-infused wood, Hawaiian pukas, seashells, Plumeria, Balinese beads and Indian rope. From van to motorhome to garage to warehouse, and now comfortably situated in a spacious office west of the Trail, where polaroids of times past show the couple parked roadside by a table offering their handmade creations. The Kapicas’ steadfast energy and love for ocean culture has led them here, after miles of vagabonding and sales canvassing, to become a Megalodon of wholesale