Jul 1 2019

Find your WOW at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

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Find your WOW at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

As people enter The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, they see Priscilla, a casting of a real-life mastodon skeleton. More than 12 feet tall, it makes a dramatic first impression – as evidenced by the many people who stop, stare, and say, “Wow!”

The knowledgeable Museum staff love to share fun facts with guests. Their enthusiasm helps make visitors’ time at The Bishop fascinating and educational. A little girl in the Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat loved learning that manatees have fingernails. A Wisconsin family stopped to talk with a staff member about the different fossils that have been found in Florida – saber-tooth cats and mastodons, among others. A group of women from the United Kingdom were awestruck when they touched the 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite displayed in The Planetarium.

Special exhibitions and programs change often, giving people reasons to keep returning. Here’s what’s happening the rest of the summer:

  • The Bishop celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with events throughout July, including “One Giant Leap,” playing in The Planetarium every day. Visit www.BishopScience.org for showtimes. “One Giant Leap” is included with admission.
  • Finding Florida is a game that lets you play the role of a giant sloth, manatee, armadillo or terror bird trying to find its way to Florida from South America. This special exhibition runs only for a limited time: August 1-September 1. Included with admission. 
  • Florida Feathers: Birds in Peril is a stunning exhibition by local photographer Grant Jefferies highlighting our beautiful and fragile local birdlife. Closes August 25. Included with admission.
  • The highly-anticipated Mosaic Backyard Universe is expected to open in late August or early September, offering a universe of fun for families -- especially those with kids under 10. A fossil dig pit, 30-foot Mighty Oak Tree, “cardboard” rocket and more will keep little hands and minds busy. Included with admission.
  • Giants, Dragons & Unicorns: Mythic Creatures explores the factual origins of these legendary beings that inhabit our stories and imaginations. Organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (amnh.org), it runs at The Bishop September 21 through January 5. Included with admission.

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