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SRQ DAILY Jul 19, 2016

Freshly Squeezed Content Every Morning

Freshly Squeezed Content Every Morning

"Who would have thought small-town CPA Joe Gruters from Sarasota would be helping draft language for every Republican in the country?"

- Joe Gruters, Republican National Convention delegate

[Politics]  Sarasota-Bradenton Delegates Enjoy Historic RNC
Jacob Ogles, jacob.ogles@srqme.com

For Joe Gruters, attending the Republican National Convention means more than an exciting trip to a political event in Ohio. The chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota has enjoyed one of the most important years of his political life, having decided early in the election cycle to back Donald Trump for the Republican nomination and getting tapped to co-chair the Trump campaign’s Florida operation. Last week, he served on the GOP’s national platform committee, co-chairing the Economy and Jobs subcommittee alongside the CEO of Hardee’s. “Who would have thought small-town CPA Joe Gruters from Sarasota would be helping draft language for every Republican in the country?” he says.

Gruters will be in Cleveland all week for the RNC as one of the delegates representing the Sarasota-Manatee area. Then he will return to Sarasota, where Trump has stationed his Florida campaign and where full-time staffers will likely shift into high gear starting next week.

A number of political leaders from the Sarasota-Bradenton area also can be found in Cleveland this week. Richard DeNapoli, an alternate delegate at the convention, says the convention was already exciting even before the prime time speeches began. “I enjoyed yesterday's event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the first day's Florida Breakfast with Frank Luntz this morning was very informative,” he said Monday.

Christian Ziegler, Republican state committeeman for Sarasota County, was busy Monday posting a string of Facebook Live videos from the floor of the convention. “It’s pretty sweet being a delegate because you have an all-access pass,” he says in one video. Meanwhile, Republican Party of Manatee Chairman Kathleen King tweeted pictures from around the Quicken Arena where the convention is being held, including from a Florida delegation breakfast held Monday morning. 

Photo courtesy Richard DeNapoli

[Environment]  New Policy, New Energy Cause Emissions Decrease
Philip Lederer, Phil.Lederer@srqme.com

City planners, engineers and sustainability champions are notching a victory this year in Sarasota with the release of the 2015 Greenhouse Gas Inventory. According to the study, which documents greenhouse gas emissions within the Sarasota city limits for the 2015 calendar year, carbon dioxide emissions have dropped 22 percent since 2003—a decrease that Stevie Freeman-Montes, City of Sarasota sustainability manager, says can be attributed to improving resources, technology and local policy.

According to the inventory, emissions decreased in several categories, most notably electrical use in residential, commercial and industrial sectors and stationery fuel combustion and solid waste, but also in water and wastewater processes.

This is due in no small part to the shift away from coal and oil in favor of natural gas and nuclear energy on the part of the regional electric grid and exemplified by Florida Power and Light (FPL), says Freeman-Montes. In 2003, oil and coal accounted for 19 and 6 percent of FPL’s energy, respectively. By 2015, those numbers had dropped to .3 and 4.1 percent. On the other hand, nuclear and natural gas use grew since 2003 to account for 22.7 and 66.3 percent of energy generated in 2015, up from 21 and 34 percent in 2003. “And from an emissions standpoint, getting away from coal and oil is much cleaner,” says Freeman-Montes.

In terms of the impact the community has via its waste contributions to the local landfill, the real game-changer came from a 2015 decision by Sarasota County to install methane gas-to-electricity converters. Decomposing waste generates plenty of methane, whereas, previously, the county implemented no methane reduction or management program, releasing emissions directly into the air, says Freeman-Montes, and the new converters have already precipitated an 87 percent decrease in landfill emissions. “It’s a dramatic change,” she says, “and all due to a decision by Sarasota County that we really support.”

The only sector where emissions actually increased within the city of Sarasota was in vehicle emissions, which saw a rise of 2.5 percent. It’s a problem city engineers and planners are already wrestling with, says Freeman-Montes. “I don’t think there will be one silver bullet,” she says, but sees lessons to be learned from strides already made and the success this latest inventory heralds. “What it says to me is how important it is to focus on system-wide transformational changes. We’ve got good solid data and we’re headed in the right direction.” 

[Daily Shop]  Just Desserts
Lizzy Steiner

Cocoa, sugar and rum might not do wonders for your waistline, but downtown eco-luxury destination The Herbarium insists that these indulgent ingredients have skin-rejuvenating properties worth treating yourself to. Slather yourself in L’Erbolario’s Dolcelsir body cream, a luscious concoction of chocolate, cane sugar, rum, sweet almond and sesame oils and elderberry flowers—your skin will thank you for ordering dessert. Antioxidant-rich cioccolato replenishes moisture, improves skin tone and prevents aging; studies show that alongside sunscreen, cocoa enhances UV protection—a lifesaver in the skin-frying Florida sun. An infusion of vitamin-laden elderberry flowers provide a healthy dose of antioxidants; the oil duo of sweet almond and sesame prevents sagging and boosts elasticity; sugar attracts and bathes your skin in moisture from the environment. A shot of rum amps up the blend’s heavenly Kahluà-spiked, marshmallow-thick, hot-cocoa scent—not to mention acts as an antibacterial, inflammation-reducing agent.  

Pictured: Dolcelsir body cream at The Herbarium.

The Herbarium, 1459 Main St., Sarasota, 941-953-3273.

[Tuesday Tech Talk]  Translation versus Culturalization
Pedro Perez, pedro@nuevoadvertising.com
In today's all-digital world, it is very easy to fall into the online software translation trap. Translation versus culturalization of your marketing materials is of the utmost importance. It's not just about using Google translate or relying on an online translator to relay your message. It still takes eyeballs' experience and it is a deep understanding of the goal for the advertisement. Many cultures use words differently; in one culture a word could mean a straw, and in another market it could mean a sexual act. Understanding the nuances of language is not something easily translated by a piece of software. 
Often translations miss the mark and say things that hurt, confuse or completely miss the point of the advertisement altogether. Understanding the language is just one component of culturalizing an advertising or marketing campaign. Understanding the market demographic cultural backgrounds and religious references are a big part of understanding and targeting a consumer. That is the start of creating a well-rounded multicultural marketing campaign not just for international markets, but also for the US market. 
10 Things you should take into consideration when cauterizing a marketing campaign.
1. What language does your target market speak?
2. What age is your target consumer?
3. What is the age and gender of your target consumer?
4. How do they consume data (print, television, online or outdoor)?
5. What is that market's expendable cash?
6. Are they interested in your product?
7. Do you already have an existing relationship with that consumer base?
8. Is your marketing material or point of contact written in the language of the consumer?
9. Do you have anyone on staff that speaks a language of the culture you're trying to go after?
10. Do you have a one year, three year or five-year plan for attracting this market and slowly building on successes?
Over the years, I've seen all the errors that can possibly be made wasting money or simply throwing it away by trusting software to translate messaging or to create your sizzling advertisements. That silver bullet simply doesn't exist. It simply takes someone with experience to understand the purpose and the reason for the messaging and someone to culturalize the message not just simply translate the words. 
As my own case study, I will be following this year's political races with particular attention placed on messaging of the English versus Spanish culturalization of the English marketing and advertising efforts. My goal will be to understand if the money spent is worth the return. Tracking effectiveness of the campaign, the outlet chosen and the awareness or outcome it delivered. I will also be paying close attention to the parts of the country that get special attention in regards to culturalizing messaging for Spanish.
My findings should be very interesting. And should answer a lot of questions for all the marketers out there thinking of whether they should culturalize their marketing efforts or not. 

Nuevo Advertising

[Getting Real in the Kitchen]  Oh Nuts!
Vicki Chelf

Nuts can be an excellent addition to one’s diet, providing healthy fats, protein, vitamin E, minerals and phytonutrients. They add richness and crunch to many types of dishes and can be used in almost any meal. Cashews are amazing when blended into a wonderful cream sauce or soup. Nuts provide texture to vegan main dishes and are a natural in breakfast with fruit and whole grains to help keep you going until lunchtime. Walnuts are great in salads and, of course, all nuts can be used in healthy desserts and snacks.

Summer, however, is perhaps not the best time for nuts. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and others are harvested from August through October and when you buy them in summer, you are getting a crop that is almost a year old. The healthful polyunsaturated oils contained in nuts do not hold up well and go rancid when exposed to heat, oxygen and light.

Everyone has tasted rancid nuts in baked goods, or actually purchased a bag of nuts with the date not yet expired only to have it taste and smell terrible. That bad smell is rancid oil and if you discover it in nuts or other oil-containing foods take it back to the store. To safely store nuts and other oil-containing foods at home keep them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or, better yet, the freezer. 

Vicki Chelf, Pulp Kitchen

[Exec Moves]  SMH and CMPS Agreement Finalized

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems (CMPS) finalized an agreement with Sarasota Memorial Health Care System to provide behavioral health consultation to the newly approved Level 2 Trauma Unit. Dr. Donald McMurray, licensed psychologist, will be heading up the behavioral health services by providing psychological consultation to the trauma patients and their families.  

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems

[Synergy]  Selah Freedom Pairs With Music On Main

Selah Freedom is pairing up with Music on Main in Lakewood Ranch, Main Street for a free concert series, hosted on the first Friday of every month. Selah Freedom will be the highlighted charity and will be raising funds for their mission to end sex trafficking and bring freedom to the exploited.  

Selah Freedom

[Recognition]  Florida Bar Recognizes Furen

Michael J. Furen was recognized as a 50-year member of the Florida Bar. He was admitted to the Bar in 1966, the same year he joined Icard Merrill. He is widely recognized for a successful practice that specializes in land use, development, and administrative and governmental law.  

Icard Merrill

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