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The National Association for Music Education came out with the most recent national standards in 2014 about music literacy. The standards emphasize conceptual understanding in areas that reflect the actual processes in which musicians engage. The standards cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the three artistic processes of creating, performing and responding.

These are the processes that musicians have followed for generations, even as they connect through music to their selves and their societies. And isn’t competence in creating, performing and responding what we really want for our students?

Students need to have experience in creating, to be successful musicians and to be successful 21st-century citizens.

Students need to perform as singers, as instrumentalists and in their lives and careers.

Students need to respond to music, as well as to their culture, their community and their colleagues.

It is the informed intention of the Music Compound to work in collaboration with children, families and professionals in the fields of music education and music performance, to draw out the musical ability in every child. By collaborating, educating and inspiring children to create, perform and respond to music, we believe we are unleashing the joy and love for music that each of us innately, and we give children the tools to be able to communicate that to the greater community. Music Compound employees highly educated instructors with extensive experience in composing, songwriting production performance and artistic development.  

Music Compound

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