PAINT Nail Bar Hosts Open Celebration



Last week, PAINT Nail Bar hosted an open house reception both in celebration of its recent partnership with Key to the Cure in support of Women’s Cancer research and the official launch as a franchise company, spreading its services to various states in the country. A light color palette consisting of shades of white with rustic wood panels on the walls adorned the inside of PAINT Nail Bar, giving it an inviting and luxurious vibe, where guests were found mingling and enjoying cocktails and lite bites in celebration of recent accomplishments.

When PAINT first opened its doors in 2015, owners Mark and Michele Schlossberg had one goal in mind: to provide every client with friendly, impeccable service in a luxurious but affordable environment. Yet, what sets PAINT apart isn’t solely aesthetics (no nail salon furniture), but the sterilization of its system. All tools used during nail services are sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave—as seen in dental offices and surgical centers—which provides the highest level of sterilization. Fume-free and with no acrylics or drills, certain tools, such as buffers and manicure sticks, are only used once. 

The night celebrated various causes, such as Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation, which received a percentage of sales for the night, and PAINT’s recent partnership with Key to the Cure. A fitting partnership due to its amenities, PAINT’s sterilization standards enable it to provide services to cancer patients, diabetics and pregnant women, marking the nail bar as one of the safest salons in Southwest Florida for those clients because there is no risk factor for infection.

When PAINT opened last year, it was fully booked about seven days in advance with long waiting lists—over the summer it had 75–80 appointments per day, explaining the expanding hours starting in November and the decision to franchise. Clients would ask, “Why isn’t this in Michigan?” or say “This would fit right in in Charlotte.” The Schlossbergs have teams in Sarasota, Tampa and Chicago helping develop the franchise company, and met with about 40–50 interested groups and have chosen to only open eight in the first year. “The demand is huge but we have to be extremely selective—the thank-you cards, the gifts, the letters that our staff receives from our clients—that has to happen in Michigan, North Carolina, New York,” says Michele. “If we can’t repeat the same services provided here it wouldn’t be fair to the staff or the clients.” 

“PAINT is not about necessarily getting your nails done,” adds Mark. “PAINT is about coming to a place where you’re at home, you’re welcomed and respected, the staff is respected and it creates an environment that everyone wants to be a part of.”

Pictured: Mingling at the PAINT Nail Bar open house. Photo by Diana Morales.

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