Gobble Up Chef Don Schoenburg's Seafood Pasta

Coral House


The smell of seafood is in the air as Chef Don Schoenburg from the Coral House whips up his seafood pasta, ideal for an elegant evening. Stemming from the Italian verb pappare—or “to gobble up”—Chef Schoenburg’s pappardelle contains locally made pasta from Tampasta, perfectly pairing with the tossed-in seafood. Fresh local fish, Key West pink shrimp, PEI mussels, baby octopus and scallops get cooked in a white wine garlic butter sauce, enhancing the dish’s aroma, not to mention the taste—the bursting flavors of cooked-to-perfection fish. Schoenburg picks up freshly baked french baguettes from C’est la Vie every morning which he slices, toasts and adds to the plate to use for soaking up the broth at the bottom. “I love the use of all the different seafoods in one dish,” he says. “The tenderness of the pasta brings the dish together and some say the bread is the best part. There are times when I’ve thought about serving the dish with a straw.” A true taste of seafood at its finest, this plate matches perfectly with a glass of chardonnay. 

The Coral House, 8389 South Tamiami Trail, 941-365-4232. www.thecoralhousesrq.com

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Coral House

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