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While waiting for your next balayage treatment at Fresh Salon Sarasota, peruse the whitewashed shelves in the foyer, lined with specialty products for both men and women. Baxter of California is one such luxury grooming product that makes an appearance—technically for men, the soaps, creams and salves prove gentle enough for fairer skin and longer hair (and the packaging can't be beat). Lather up with the Vitamin Cleansing Bar, infused with Italian lime and pomegranate. Ultra rich and luxurious, the bar contains aloe, seaweed and Vitamins A and E to nourish the skin, and the green stripe down the middle is packed with hydrating glycerin—gentle enough to use on the face. Aside from the benefits to the skin, the fragrance taps into a complex medley of citrus and sweet fruit, musky bergamot and clean cucumber for an unforgettable shower experience. 

Fresh Salon, 1819 Main St., #118, Sarasota, 941-906-7709.

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