EDGEcon2019 Small Business Conference Coming to Sarasota



EDGEcon2019 Small Business Conference is coming to Sarasota February 22-23, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota. Founded by David Kauffman, Sarasota-based business coach, author, Master DISC Trainer, owner of Empowering Small Business, and EDGE (Exceptional Discipline Generates Excellence) Peer Group Founder, this conference will bring renowned speakers from around the country to promote entrepreneurship and small business ownership. The conference theme is based on David Kauffman’s Six Pillars of Business Success (marketing, sales, procedures, office and tracking, relationships, and leadership) and includes speakers who are experts in these fields.

Speakers for EDGEcon2019 include Kauffman, who helps small business owners across the country achieve long-term success in their industry; Maria Andros, leading video conversion and live streaming expert who taught as a guest expert speaker for Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery; Bryan Flanagan, the former director of corporate training for the Zig Ziglar Corporation for over 20 years; Delotorro L. McNeal II, best-selling author and peak performance expert; and Ron Klein, the inventor of the magnetic strip on the credit card; among others.

Registration is now available for the conference.

EDGEcon2019 Small Business Conference

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