Von Gries Makes Colorful Debut at 530 Burns Gallery

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530 Burns Gallery continues its rapid-fire 2018–19 season with yet another exhibition unveiling tonight. Entitled Within the Light, the show highlights abstract art from gallery favorites such as Katie Cassidy, Tommy May and Arleen Joseph, with pieces on display from the likes of Dasha Reich and Linda Richichi as well, but the exhibition also marks the 530 Burns debut of its first new artist of 2019—Susan von Gries. Says 530 Burns’ Nikki Sedacca, “We were all fascinated by her use of color and strong brushstrokes.”

An avid traveler, a world of experience and emotion hits the canvas when von Gries wields the brush, but it all begins with the radio. Growing up in a music-lover’s house, it’s just a part of her being by now, though she admits to being no musician herself. “Music is the vehicle I use to get into the mood,” she says. Usually it’s the classical music station, though her travels have instilled in her a love of Latin music as well, with the rhythms and beats flowing through her and into her painting. Really, she’ll listen to just about anything, but does have her limits. “I don’t mean to offend,” she says, “but everything except country music.”

But what of the colors that Sedacca found so compelling? Those vibrant reds and yellows, blues and greens, swathed across the canvas in great visible strokes? Possibly the result of a life spent making her way through El Salvador, Brazil and Venezuela, as well as Belgium, the Netherlands and extensive travels through Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Though von Gries does voice some particular inspiration from her new surrounding in Sarasota. “People wear so much color here,” she says, which came as a welcome change from her previous location outside of Chicago, where blacks and browns were the name of the game. “Color makes me happy,” she says. “It’s attractive and so expressive.”

Within the Light opens tonight at 530 Burns Gallery with an opening reception from 6pm to 9pm, with several artists in attendance. Von Gries will be in attendance for the first hour only.

Pictured: "Mysterious Sea" by Susan von Gries. Picture courtesy of 530 Burns Gallery.

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