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SRQ DAILY Mar 27, 2019

Wednesday Philanthropy Edition

Wednesday Philanthropy Edition

"Despite our age or our defects, we continue to shine, we continue to be beautiful, we continue to be whole."

- Steven Anton Rehage, artist

[Gallery]  The Brushstrokes of Time's Transformation
Philip Lederer, Phil.Lederer@srqme.com

When Steven Anton Rehage was a child, his family would go to the beach every Sunday. And when other kids would look for seashells, he would search for pirate treasure—but ultimately settle on oxidized screws and coins and bits of sea-polished driftwood of ashen grey. Far from disheartened, Rehage found something wondrous in those misshapen odds and ends, forgotten artifacts that seemingly absorbed time itself to transform into something beautiful. It’s a concept the artist continues to explore to this day, with his latest exhibition, Patina, currently on display at 530 Burns Gallery.

Comprising more than 30 works, the exhibition puts Rehage’s exploration on full display—and exploration is how the artist approaches each canvas, never knowing what will result from his latest pigment-driven pathfinding. “Each piece is a page in a guide,” he says. “You never really know where you’re going, but you’ve got to be confident and just go.”

And Rehage dives right in, concocting his own paints from great blends of metallic acrylics, colored latex and inks—some creating their own chemical reactions in echo of the oxidization Rehage seeks to glorify. Sometimes he uses a paintbrush or even a roller, and other times he splashes and pours, letting the liquids wash over the canvas like waves lapping the shore. “By working with the canvas, it tells me its story,” he says. And while multiple paintings may emerge from one session, no two will look alike.

A painting can receive as many as 60 layers, with some paints drying fast while others pool and puddle, but all ultimately creating that richly textured surface that makes audiences confuse Rehage’s work for burled wood or weathered copper. And just as audiences applaud that copper’s transformation from soft blue to bold turquoise, Rehage hopes they appreciate a similar shift within themselves.

“Despite our age or our defects, we continue to shine, we continue to be beautiful, we continue to be whole,” he says. “Even if we’re broken or damaged, we have this natural beauty—a natural patina—that comes with age.”

Currently on display at 530 Burns Gallery, Patina runs through April 10. 

Pictured: "Frequency" by Steven Anton Rehage.

[Family]  Fruits of Their Labor
Brittany Mattie, brittany.mattie@srqme.com

Pine View School’s students plan to distribute loads of fresh produce to many families in need this weekend through Florida-based food distribution nonprofit Farm Share. Farm Share annually distributes upwards of 40k pounds of fresh (and free) fruits, vegetables and other commodities to Sarasota County low-income residents. The Farm Share project in Sarasota is led by Pine View’s service-learning, action-driven organization PeaceJam club, and is supported by several other Pine View-based service clubs, in collaboration with Gocio Elementary.

“Farm Share’s mission is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by recovering and distributing fresh and nutritious food to those who need it most,” says Patricia Robbins, Farm Share’s founder and CEO.

Fresh produce often ends up going to waste at grocery stores—even though it is perfectly edible—and they leave up to 50% of it behind. Farm Share takes this leftover fresh produce and transports the food to various organizations to give to families in need throughout Florida. “Imagine a semi-trailer filled with thousands of pounds of fresh produce. This is what Farm Share sends to us, that we then have the privilege to distribute in our local community,” says Edward Brunicardi, Pine View PeaceJam ambassador and one of the three project managers for Farm Share. “The distribution at Gocio Elementary was scheduled with the idea of providing food assistance to support families just coming off of spring break.”

The students don’t stop at simple hand-outs to attendees, they arrange each food group into original and easy recipes, made directly for each family’s diverse needs. “Over the past nine years, Pine View PeaceJam has coordinated 35 pounds of healthy and locally grown food to more than 1,000 Sarasota-Bradenton families that are in need, at each of our events,” says Luis Flores, PeaceJam ambassador and co-manager of Farm Share. “It is truly incredible to evidently know that we have made a real impact in our community.”

The organization has also received a generous donation of hygiene products from Ehrlich and Sallapudi Orthodontics—further encouraging healthy living for low-income families. “It may not seem like a big deal to receive a few meals or hygiene products for many of us,” says Odelia Tiutyama, PeaceJam ambassador and co-manager of Farm Share. “But there are so many families in our community that rely on distribution events such as Farm Share to receive proper nutrients.”

Spread the word of this upcoming distribution event if you know a local family in need: Saturday, March 30, 9am to 12pm at Gocio Elementary School, 3450 Gocio Rd., Sarasota, 34235. 

Photos from last year's event, courtesy of Farm Share.

[The Out-of-Door Academy]  Out-of-Door Students' Project for Students with Physical and Intellectual Impairments Earns Top Honors

For The Out-of-Door Academy’s first trip to the Technology Student Association (TSA) State Competition, sophomores Kaylen Rivers and Reece Whatmore created an interactive, tactile, assistive technology storybook for students with physical and intellectual impairment. Their second-place finish in the category advances them to the National Competition in June.

Kaylen and Reece began working on their storybook more than six months before the conference. Criteria for the category included a book for children with physical and/or intellectual impairment on a scientific concept or idea. They decided on the ‘cell’ as their topic, and began researching the best way to present complicated information in a conceptually and physically accessible manner.

In adherence with the competition guidelines, the students created everything in their book themselves. From the storyline, illustrations, and layout, to laminating and binding the pages—every part of the book is completely original. Every spread of their book, “A Trip to Cell City,” features original illustrations and the text of the story. Each left-facing page has a removable felt cut-out representing the part of the cell being discussed to stimulate and encourage tactile response. All text is translated into Braille for sight-impaired children and every right-facing page has a button that, when pressed, plays an audio recording of Kaylen reading the page’s text.

To make the science conceptually accessible, the students wrote their story within the framework of the cell being a cityscape. Each part of the cell represents a different and essential part of a city that is needed to keep everything running smoothly. As readers “tour” the city, they learn about the purpose of each area, and how they all work together.

In preparation for the competition, Reece and Kaylen visited Oak Park School in Sarasota to share their book with classes in the Developmental Assistive Technology wing. Students in the program receive augmentative and assistive technology for communication in order to access their curriculum. The children provided valuable feedback that the ODA students used to improve the final product.

Kaylen and Reece will travel to Washington D.C. this summer with Science teacher and mentor Theresa Beeman for the National Competition. Congratulations to these ambitious students on an outstanding project that utilized local resources to make an impact and improve their product. 

Out-of-Door Academy

[Arts and Culture]  Hermitage Announces Founding Director Rodgers to Retire

Debbi Benedict, president of the Hermitage Artist Retreats board of trustees, has announced the retirement of Hermitage Founding Executive Director Bruce E. Rodgers, as of December 31, 2019. Rodgers served on the original steering committee organized by the Sarasota County Arts Council and co-founders Patricia Caswell and Syd Adler to restore and adapt buildings into an artist community. After the organization received its not-for-profit status in 2002, Rodgers became a founding trustee.

As the founding director, Rodgers set the operating policies and procedures for the organization and grew its annual operating budget from $80,000 to its current $700,000+ level. He oversaw the completion of the historic campus restoration that was begun by the Sarasota County Arts Council; established the first endowment program; and created many local, regional and national partnerships. In 2008, in partnership with Bob Greenfield, then president of the Greenfield Foundation, Rodgers created the Greenfield Prize at the Hermitage Artist Retreat—a $30,000 prize in the form of a commission for a new work—which raised the organization’s profile to national status.

A search committee, chaired by Englewood businessman David Dignam of Key Agency and comprised of both trustees and community members, has been formed to oversee the national search for the next leader to build on the foundation that has been created. 

Hermitage Artist Retreat

[Arts and Culture]  Hermitage Artist Retreat, Greenfield Foundation Announce Greenfield Prize Weekend

The Hermitage Artist Retreat and the Philadelphia-based Greenfield Foundation have announced the details of the Greenfield Prize weekend, scheduled for April 13–14. This year’s celebration begins with the world premiere opening of Fourth Quarter: Senior Athletes, and their Indomitable Spirit at The Ringling, featuring new work by photojournalist David Burnett, the 2017 recipient of the Greenfield Prize. For this project, which was part of Burnett’s 2017 Greenfield commission, he spent two years photographing senior-aged athletes from around the country who dedicate themselves to serious physical competition and team sports. He treats his subjects with reverence as he celebrates their tenacity and challenges viewers to rethink what aging means in the 21st century.

Also included is a “Creative Conversations” event with Burnett and the 2019 Greenfield Prize recipient, composer, vocalist and performer Helga Davis. These events are free to attend and  will take place on April 13 from 3pm to 5pm, Davis begins at 3pm with “My Life, My Work,” and a panel discussion follows at 4pm. Helga Davis will be honored at the 2019 Greenfield Prize Award dinner on April 14 at Michael’s On East. Tickets begin at $150; reservations can be made online at the website below. 

Hermitage Artist Retreat

[Government]  Stewart Named Deputy County Administrator for Manatee County

County Commissioners yesterday touted Karen Stewart's reputation in the community and her accomplishments as Economic Development Official before unanimously approving her to be the acting Deputy County Administrator to County Administrator Cheri Coryea. As Manatee County Economic Development Official for the past decade, Stewart has facilitated economic development and redevelopment projects by linking county departments and the business community. She manages the performance-based incentive program, rapid response permitting, business retention and expansion in the Southwest District and promotes the business-friendly approach in county government. 

Manatee County Government

[Philanthropy]  Barancik Foundation Funds Crisis Text Hotline for Sarasota Students

As part of the school district’s emphasis on mental and behavioral health, Sarasota County Schools has reminded students, families and the community about free and confidential resources available to anyone in need of a counselor 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Crisis Text Line was launched in 2013 by Nancy Lublin and is now available nationwide for people who need immediate help and prefer a text message option. Anyone with a phone can text ‘HERE4U’ to 741741 and be immediately connected with a trained counselor all day every day. The service is available to all students in Sarasota County through a grant from Barancik Foundation. “Suicide is a complex dynamic that requires many prevention efforts, including attention from school staff, families and communities,” said Todd Bowden, superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. “We are thankful to Barancik Foundation for providing our students access to the Crisis Text Line should they need to speak with a counselor whenever they need one.” 

Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

[Real Estate]  Halfacre Construction Completes Mercedes Scientific Headquarters

Commercial construction company Halfacre Construction Company recently finalized a new 54,667-square-foot corporate headquarters for Mercedes Scientific, a privately held, national laboratory products distribution company. Located on the corner of State Road 70 and Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, the five-acre parcel is part of the Collaboration Opportunities for Research and Exploration research park, a 305-acre biotech industrial district. The 28-foot tilt-wall building incorporates an industrial vibe, with exposed concrete walls, steel and mechanical systems. The two-story structure houses high-level executive office space and an air-conditioned warehouse and distribution facility. Construction on the project began in December 2017, with Halfacre Construction Company acting as the construction manager and Flad Architects and Stantec serving as the design team. Mercedes Scientific is a laboratory products distributor that sells equipment and disposable supplies to many health care markets, including reference labs, physician offices, pathology and hospitals in all 50 states. 

Halfacre Construction Company

[Business]  Dezii Joins Centauri Insurance as Assistant Vice President of Claims

Bonnie Dezii has joined Centauri Insurance as Assistant Vice President of Claims. Dezii brings more than 30 years of industry experience, spanning both large and small carriers, as well as a self-insured large corporation where she led global claim teams in Singapore, Sydney, London, Atlanta and Dubai. She has vast experience leading claims teams managing property, casualty, general and professional liability. Dezii will work with the VP of claims to manage Centauri’s third party administrators and ensure policyholders receive fast, fair claims service. Dezii spent 13 years in a variety of adjusting and leadership roles with Fireman’s Fund Insurance before leading the catastrophe operations for both the Moore and El Reno Tornados in Oklahoma for Farmers Insurance. Most recently, she served as assistant vice president of claims for FCCI Insurance Group where she managed the catastrophe operations for Hurricanes Michael and Irma. 

Centauri Insurance

[TODAY]  THEATER: Love Sung in the Key of Aretha , March 13 – April 28

Four women musically review their life experiences as told through the songs made famous by the late and legendary “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin. Join to pay tribute to one of America’s most iconic voices in this joyful appreciation of Aretha’s music and its impact on our lives.

Westcoast Black Theatre Mainstage, 1646 10th Way., Sarasota

[TODAY]  THEATER: A Doll's House, Part 2 , January 16 – March 31

Fifteen years after slamming the door on her marriage and family, Nora returns home. Now a successful yet scandalous writer, she needs her not-quite-ex-husband’s help. But not so fast, her family would like a few words first. The new hit comedy that took Broadway by storm, this audacious sequel to Ibsen’s masterwork looks at love, marriage, and the courage to walk through that door, in either direction.

[TODAY]  SCIENCE AND NATURE: Gauguin's Voyage to Paradise , February 10 – June 30

Just as Paul Gauguin left an indelible mark on the post-Impressionist art world, the deep impact of botanical imagery on his work cannot be denied. This exhibition will highlight the essential role of botanicals in achieving the artist’s vision of the savage, primitive and exotic. Together with lush displays of tropical plants in the conservatory and gardens, the show will feature dramatic woodcuts and rarely seen works in other mediums by the artist.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 900 South Palm Ave., Sarasota

[TODAY]  GALA: Ain't Misbehaving , March 21 – April 7

A musical tribute to the black musicians of the Harlem Renaissance and the new “swing” beat, experience the jazz scene—uptown, downtown, raffish and startling beautiful atmosphere. Come, swing and jive to such songs as “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love,” “I’m Going To Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter,” “The Joint is Jumpin’” and, of course, “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”

Stone Hall: Manatee Performing Arts Center, 502 Third Ave. W, Bradenton

[TODAY]  GALLERY: Cycle 4 , March 14 – April 19

Through a visceral mixing of oil and acrylic paint, Walter Matthews’ densely worked canvases create a reflection of the artist’s intensity and anxiety. Continuing the annual tradition, Spectrum IV embeds the independent work of three natural solo artists into an experimental installation that blurs the lines between collaboration and contamination. Split between a series of micro-exhibitions, New Realities features the perspectives and studio practices of junior level Fine Art students attending Ringling College of Art and Design.

Art Center Sarasota, 707 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota

[SOON]  PERFORMANCE: New Stages Contemporary Performance Series: Union Tanguera + Kate Weare , March 29 – March 30

U.S. Choreographer Kate Weare collaborates with French tango ensemble to reveal the formal strengths and distinctions between Argentine tango and contemporary dance partnering. Performed by three tango dancers and two contemporary dancers with live music performed by Argentinean composer Gustavo Beytlemann.

[SOON]  FOOD: Beer, Bands, and BBQ , March 30, 11:00AM - 4:00PM

The Music Compound’s 5th annual Beer, Bands & BBQ is back on March 30, 2019 from 11 am - 4 pm. It will be hosted at a new location, the courtyard of The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime, 821 Apricot Ave. Sarasota.

Look forward to 10 bands including Kara & Kaleidogroove, students from Music Compound will perform between sets. Food trucks and beer will be available throughout the day.

Admission is free and you are encouraged to bring your own lawn chair.

VIP wrist bands are available for $15 and include food samplings and a beer.

The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime, 821 Apricot Ave., Sarasota

[SOON]  GALA: Meow Masquerade , March 29, 6:30 PM - 10:00PM

Cat Depot’s Mardi Gras-themed, Meow Masquerade, will take place at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota on Friday, March 29, 2019 from 6:30-10 p.m. Guests will be treated to a variety of entertainment featuring performances by The Circus Arts Conservatory, Gumbo Boogie Zydeco Band, and DJ Jay. The good times will roll with a delicious plated dinner, handcrafted cocktails, premium raffle, and silent auction. Enjoy an interactive photo booth with TapSnap, and face painting by Pixie Painting. Tickets are $150. Please email claudiah@catdepot.orgor call 941-366-2404 for more information. Tickets available online – www.catdepot.org

Hyatt Regency Sarasota, 1000 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota FL

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: Circus Angel Scavenger Hunt , March 30

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Join us for the Greatest Circus Scavenger Hunt in Sarasota!  Fun for all ages, The Circus Angel Scavenger Hunt is a benefit for the Showpeople's Winter Quarters, established in 2015 by The Circus and Traveling Shows Retirement Project, Inc.a 501 (c) (3) organization which helps provide affordable housing assistance for elderly or infirm circus performers in the Southwest Florida area.

The scavenger hunt  includes 6 circus theme stops, live entertainment , giveaways and gift bags. You will have enough time to enjoy each stop, solve riddles with clues to find the little circus angels missing wing. The Grand finale is at 2:30 back at the registration hall at St. Martha's Church on Orange Avenue in Sarasota where the “All Aboard” Grand Prize package, a gourmet dinner served in the private "Silver Car'  on an Original Circus Train, will be awarded to the winning team of up to 6 people. 

Scavenger Hunt is by auto, in and around 5 miles of downtown Sarasota. Important: this is not a race. Tickets are reserved by emailing srqlynn@gmail.com  and are available for purchase from The Circus and Traveling Shows Retirement Project, Inc. on Venmo  via Lynn McDonald @ Lynn-McDonald-16384.  $25 per person. Two to six people per car to qualify. 

[SOON]  HEALTH: Women & Medicine Educational Luncheon , March 29, 10:30AM - 1:30PM

This year marks the 7th Anniversary of Women & Medicine and will support the Internal Medicine Residency Program at SMH. This educational luncheon features informative presentations and discussions from Sarasota Memorial Physicians. The topic of this luncheon will be, How to Be A Parter in Good Health [Making the Most of Your Physician Relationship]

Michael's on East, 1212 East Avenue, Sarasota

[SOON]  FOOD: Wine Walk to Ca' d'Zan , March 29, 6:00PM

This is a wine pairing experience unlike any other. Each individually themed station features exciting food and wine pairings along with activities and entertainment throughout the Ringling estate. Taste a variety of wines from Total Wine & More and engage with their wine experts while enjoying culinary delights from Sarasota's top caterers.

The Ringling, 5401 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota

[SOON]  FOOD: April Fools' Fete , April 1

Some of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe’s most popular artists will be featured during the April Fools’ Fete, the spring fundraiser that benefits WBTT’s education programs for children and youth. Guests will enjoy cocktails and a delicious dinner, then the WBTT singers and live band will perform – dancing is strongly encouraged

Michael's On East , 1212 S East Ave., Sarasota

[SOON]  THEATER: Wednesday's Child , April 3 – May 24

A world premiere from Mark St Germain, when a young surrogate mother is found dead, a police investigation explodes the lives of everyone who knew her. As Detective aleece Valez and Walt Dixon begin to put the pieces together, secrets surface, alibis weaken, and lies are uncovered. This dramatic new play explores motherhood, passion, and the thin line between right and wrong.

Florida Studio Theatre, 1241 North Palm Ave., Sarasota

[SOON]  FOOD: TGIF 2019 Best of SRQ Local Party , April 5, 5-8pm

Join us to experience an evening of award-winning bites and imbibes as voted on by the readers of SRQ Magazine in this annual TGIF Best of SRQ Local Party on Friday, April 5th from 5-8pm at the Aloft Sarasota Hotel in Downtown Sarasota. 15+ Restaurants. Cocktail Samplings. Live DJ in the Courtyard. Celebrating the best locally owned establishments in the region, SRQ MEDIA asks our astute readers to vote for their favorite local eats, shopping, arts, luminaries and hotspots culminating in the buzzworthy special "Best of SRQ Local" awards feature published in the April edition. Celebrate your TGIF with the best our region has to offer—we will highlight local experiences—from new restaurants to the memorable theatre productions, from our community's best achievements to seriously talented chefs. Tickets on sale at SRQMAG.COM/BestOf.

Aloft Sarasota Hotel, 1401 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, FL

[SOON]  FESTIVAL: 21st Annual Sarasota Film Festival , April 5 – April 14

Held annually in Sarasota, FL, The Sarasota Film Festival emphasizes the best in cinema alongside exciting programs and events, with more than 200 films screened each year including features, documentaries, shorts, and kid-friendly picks. Entering our 21st year, we’re proud to bring the best new and established independent filmmakers to our Festival with local and kid-friendly programs that showcase our idyllic Gulf Coast community. The festival is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization and also offers a year-round educational program, which reaches thousands of local students through classic film showcases, film contests, summer camps and instructional workshops. This year the festival will take place April 5th – 14th, 2019.

[SOON]  THEATER: The Cake in the Cook Theatre , April 5 – April 28

Faith, family and frosting collide in this heartfelt new comedy. Thirty-something Jen wants her deceased mother’s best friend Della, a struggling baker, to create her wedding cake. She returns from New York with her betrothed to her North Carolina hometown and finds that Della will honor her wish, until she discovers that there are two brides. Moral quandaries and lots of butter collide in this new play told with generosity, humor, and more than a few surprises.

Asolo Repertory Theatre, 5555 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota

[SOON]  HEALTH: Relay For Life Of Charlotte County , April 6, 10:00am - 10:00pm

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is the world’s largest movement to end cancer. Money raised from Relay For Life helps the American Cancer Society save lives by funding ground breaking research to discover cancer’s causes and cures and help people facing cancer today with free programs and services. People form teams and raise money together leading up to the event. Then, everyone comes together for a night of fun that celebrates cancer survivors, remembers loved ones lost to cancer, and unites us in our commitment to fight back against the disease.

Laishley Park , 120 Laishley Court, Punta Gorda FL

[SOON]  HEALTH: Relay For Life Of Manatee County , April 6, 11am-11pm

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is the world’s largest movement to end cancer. Money raised from Relay For Life helps the American Cancer Society save lives by funding ground breaking research to discover cancer’s causes and cures and help people facing cancer today with free programs and services. People form teams and raise money together leading up to the event. Then, everyone comes together for a night of fun that celebrates cancer survivors, remembers loved ones lost to cancer, and unites us in our commitment to fight back against the disease.

Manatee County Fairgrounds

[SOON]  BUSINESS: SkillSHARE: Mentoring at the Speed of Life, June 13 , June 13, 5-7:30pm

Join us for an evening of deep-dive peer mentorship at the spring SkillSHARE: Mentorship at the Speed of Life on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at the SRQ Studios at 331 South Pineapple Avenue in Downtown Sarasota from 5-7:30pm. Register online by submitting questions from the areas in which you'd like to be paired with a peer mentor for the evening at SRQMAG.COM/SKILLSHARE. Light bites and wine. Registration closes on Friday, May 17, 2019; the registration fee is $25 per person. Limited to 16 mentees. For more information, contact SRQ MEDIA at 941-365-7702 x204.

SRQ Studios, 331 S. Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236

SRQ Media Group

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