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Sunday, May 26 marks National ‘Don’t Fry’ Day. According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer estimates in the United States for 2019 so far report 5.4 million new cases (non-melanoma) and 96,480 (melanoma). That’s a whole lot of people getting fried from UVA and UVB radiation. Beyond the precautions to wear brimmed hats and polarized sunglasses to shield us from the sun, incorporating a quality, non-chemical sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher in our everyday, puts us on the front lines with the appropriate arsenal to battle skin damaging rays. With summer right around the bend, and Memorial Day weekend even closer, get ahead of the blazing sphere increasingly heating up our thermostats and flirting with 3 digit temperatures on our car’s dashboard by having a bottle of KLĒNSKIN in your bag of tricks at all times. The revolutionary, dermatologist formulated line of sunscreens is paraben- and cruelty- free and includes SPF50 lotions, a sunscreen stick, ‘Sunbar’ soap, lip balms, and the first and only ‘Wash On’ sunscreen.

Founded by Laura E. Cohen, M.D., and Lisa LeBlanc, the mother-daughter team makes up CoLabs Intl. Corp, which now has labs/research facilities in sunny destinations including Huntington Beach, Sarasota and Las Vegas. Cohen’s 30+ years in dermatology has seen innumerable cases of unprotected sun exposure including skin cancer, pre-cancer, premature aging, sunburn and melasma, to name a few. Cohen and LeBlanc made it their mission to create a user-friendly and cosmetically-elegant line of in-shower sunscreens that everyone could conveniently use on a daily basis while already getting squeaky clean. “We believed that if people could apply sunscreen without having to change their daily habits, we could decrease the dangerous effects of the sun in these individuals,” said Cohen. “Knowing the tremendously positive impact adding fluoride to toothpaste made on the reduction in tooth decay, we knew that piggybacking on soap with the addition of effective sunscreen to soap/body wash could have a similar positive influence on skin health.”

Add KLĒNSKIN to your daily routine as a shampoo, face and body cleanser to cover your hair/skin with a layer of sunscreen for the day’s outing—eliminating the extra step of applying greasy lotions and creams that are often thick and leave a film of residue. Infused with CoLabs’ patented QuantaSphere® Encapsulated Technology infuses all the active ingredients of broad spectrum 30 SPF, and throws in some conditioning emollients and antioxidants to sweeten the deal. KLĒNSKIN is clinically proven, safety-tested and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

To celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Month, KLĒNSKIN is offering a free SPF stick and free shipping on all orders of $60, through May 31.

Photo courtesy of @klenskin_spf

Learn more about 'Being Safe in the Sun' by the American Cancer Society.

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