JMX Brands Joins Sustainable Furnishings Council



On Earth Day, April 22, JMX Brands, the niche online retailer with the flagship Amish furniture brand DutchCrafters, applied to join the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). JMX Brands also runs the eco-friendly and sustainable furniture and home décor website Eco Friendly Digs. The application was accepted on April 24, making DutchCrafters the first Amish furniture retailer accepted to the organization that helps companies reduce their environmental footprints and connect consumers with healthy furnishings.

This year DutchCrafters has committed to taking the following steps toward fulfilling its pledge: have an energy audit conducted at its Sarasota office to identify ways to reduce consumption, implement best practices and continually monitor; internally audit vendors’ sourcing practices to begin to develop plans to improve sustainability; identify areas the company is already making a difference with ecological sustainability and where improvement can occur; and begin development of a multi-year plan to reduce environmental footprint.

JMX Brands

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