Teak Treasures and Antique Artifacts at the Southern Atelier

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Antique aficionados and bargain hunters can rejoice this weekend, as the Southern Atelier art school hosts the first in a series of four Saturday sales this August, featuring a hand-picked collection of antique and hand-carved teak furniture from Indonesia. The Summer Estate Sale begins tomorrow at 9am at the Southern Atelier art school and runs until 1pm. A portion of proceeds will benefit the art school.

Hand-selected and purchased from village artisans and collectors in the islands of Indonesia, such as Java and Madura, the selection shows great variety in particular offerings, but all have been hand-carved and hand-crafted, often from reclaimed wood from teak boats or houses. In this way, elegant meets rustic, as intricate and delicate carvings and reliefs meet the weathered beauty of aged and painted teak. Find specially designed bar stools handmade by the boat-makers of Sulawesi, and perhaps pair it with a 10-drawer armoire of Javanese construction. See antique Madura windows, an antique gong adorned with carven serpents and even a rare, 110-year-old solid teakwood lasung, or rice mortar. Cabinets, tables, drawers, chests and more will all be on display—enough to nearly redecorate the entire house.

In total, the collection numbers in the high 70s, estimates Ethan Balno, the man who traveled the Indonesian isles and brought this teak treasure to Sarasota. Not all of it can fit in the Southern Atelier at one time, so the selection will change each Saturday, depending also on what sells. Some pieces, such as a grand set of carven doors, complete with a multi-colored frame, prove too large to transport, but Balno will be on hand throughout the sale with photos of the entire collection and a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. “I know this stuff inside and out,” he says.

And best of all for bargain hunters, Balno says that all these treasures can be purchased for wholesale prices—or better. “So if something is $500,” he says, “it might be $1200 in the store.”

With the first sale tomorrow at 9am at the Southern Atelier, the rest will follow on the subsequent three Saturdays: August 17, 24 and 31. The Southern Atelier is located at 7226 21st St. E, Sarasota.

Pictured: A hand-made Javanese gong made more than 100 years ago will be available at the Summer Estate Sale at the Southern Atelier. Photo by Lauren Ireland.

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