Wide-ranging Support for Selby Gardens' Master Site Plan and Its Many Benefits

Guest Correspondence

On Monday, we will be pleased to present Selby Gardens’ Master Site Plan to the Sarasota City Commissioners and share with them the tremendous public benefits that will result from the Plan’s implementation.


A few of the benefits that will be made possible by private funding are:

1. Increased Garden Space with more than 50,000 square feet of free public access including a 12-foot-wide multi-use recreational trail.

2.  Improved traffic conditions at the corner of U.S. 41 and Orange Avenue through signal modifications and turn lane additions (taken from Selby Gardens’ property).

3. Expanded workforce training opportunities to City of Sarasota residents through a partnership with Willis Smith Construction, CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, and the Gulf Coast Builders Exchange.  Preference will be given to employers who hire these trained individuals to work on Selby Gardens’ project.

4. Innovative environmental sustainability features that will make the City of Sarasota a demonstration site for the latest in green building technology. 

Throughout the past few years, the team at Selby Gardens strived to answer citizens’ questions and address any concerns. This community-minded approach earned the support of more than 6,000 petition signers, the recommendation of City Staff, and the recommendation of the Planning Board. After more than two years of planning and millions of dollars in changes to the Master Plan based on citizen feedback, Selby Gardens looks forward to presenting this transformational plan to the City Commission.  

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