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Often described as a “bubble bath for the brain,” PINC—standing for People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity—will soon return to Sarasota Opera House for another all-day packed event. PINC Experience celebrates its sixth year bringing together international storytellers and thought leaders from all walks of life for a meeting of the minds—with a TED Talk format—to stoke the fire of creativity and change. 

Of the twelve world-renowned speakers making their way to Sarasota on December 12, Sophie Hollingsworth remains one with local roots and ties, though she now calls Sydney, Australia home—for now. She is considered a modern day explorer, whose passion for expeditions off-the-beaten-track and discovering indigenous ways of life, have led her to undertake uncharted treks and far-flung adventures most deem too inhospitable to bother. With a resume that includes everything from trekking the mountains of Madagascar and traversing across the desert in Namibia, to meeting tribes in the Republic of Vanuatu to conduct ethnographic research, and sailing across the Pacific Ocean as the youngest woman to obtain a 200-ton MCA Yachtmaster Captains License—her environmental advocacy work and writings have since been featured internationally by organizations like the United Nations and publications like Oceanographic Magazine and Nat Geo. In 2017, she earned herself the revered title of New Explorer of the Year by National Geographic, and has since been dubbed by many media sources as "the Millennial Indiana Jones."  

After a long-distance call from down under with SRQ, Hollingsworth shared what she’s excited to bring to the PINC stage next Thursday. “I get told a lot that I was born 200 years too late to be an explorer,” she laughs, “So I’m definitely going to lead with what it means to be an explorer in the 21st century and touch on the importance of mindful exploration.” Hollingsworth goes on to note that exploration is not about planting your nation’s flag in an uncharted territory or being the first to summit the world’s tallest mountain. And although today's tech-savvy era has spawned a new wave of social media-starved explorers who crave ‘likes’ for their brave adventure travels, “Exploration, at its core, is curiosity and action," she notes, "It can still be used as an integral piece in helping build a more sustainable future."

Today, Hollingsworth holds the title of Health Security Specialist for civil military relations in infectious disease outbreaks and biodefense, as well as the environment consultant and ocean campaign leader for Global Citizen. Meanwhile, Hollingsworth manages to find time to also operate her own nonprofit organization. As the founder of AquaAid International, she works with remote villages and local governments of Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa—helping to establish sustainable sources of, or access to, clean drinking water and basic sanitation needs.

“I’ve been really fortunate to get out into these really remote places and experience cultures who have an alternative way of engaging with the planet,” she shares. “I get that not everyone is interested in having these types of experiences, but I hope to encourage people to at least get out of their comfort zones, go outside more, slow down and see the world a little bit differently.”

Listen to Sophie Hollingsworth speak on her recent solo expedition through the Australian bush and outback, and more, at PINC Experience 2019—Thursday, December 12, 8am - 8pm at the Sarasota Opera House.

PINC is an initiative of DreamLarge, presented by Ringling College of Art + Design. 

Photos from @captsophie Instagram

Tickets to PINC found here.

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