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SRQ DAILY Dec 20, 2019

Friday Weekend Edition

Friday Weekend Edition

"It's been told to us, our board, that if a child leaves third grade not able to read at a third-grade level, you've lost them. They'll never catch up."

- The late Charles Barancik in an interview with SRQ MEDIA about the Reading Recovery program he and his wife supported through the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation.

[In Memoriam]  Sarasota Remembers The Baranciks
Jacob Ogles, jacob.ogles@srqme.com

As Charles and Margery Barancik sat down with SRQ MEDIA for a rare interview early this year, the couple spoke joy about seeing the work their philanthropic dollars achieved. At one point, Charles said, they had planned the traditional endowment route so familiar in Florida philanthropy—write a will and have the endowment fund good work after you die. But he became convinced speaking with local philanthropic leaders it would be better for the couple to form a foundation and see the work in their lifetime.

The time ended suddenly this week. Sarasota Police say around 6 pm Wednesday, a Longboat Key Police patrol vehicle traveling south on Gulf of Mexico Drive collided with a Tesla with the Baranciks inside. Charles Barancik, 91, died at the scene. Margery Barancik, 83, was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where she died from injuries Thursday night. The police officer involved in the crash was also taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and has not been identified.

The Foundation ultimately allowed five years for the couple to witness education innovation, award research grants, and become celebrated among the region’s greatest philanthropists. The couple in 2014 founded The Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation, donating wealth and mentorship. Charles once described scrutinizing the impact of nonprofits and making sure the money did the most good. “Do they really fit what we’re trying to do?,” he said. “What's their risk-reward ratio?”

The Baranciks even now continue to be an enormous force in philanthropy within the Sarasota-Bradenton region. But they started out giving anonymously. Mark Pritchett, CEO of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, worked with the couple on funding tech in Sarasota classrooms.

“Chuck Banancik brought joy and inspiration to philanthropy in our Sarasota region,” Pritchett said. “He was one of the smartest and most generous people I have ever known. Chuck’s positive philanthropic impact in the arts, education, human services and the environment will be felt for generations to come... I will miss his wonderful sense of humor and his insightful thinking.”

The couple actively participated in much of the good work being done. Margery of the rewards visiting children in reading academies at low-income Sarasota schools. “Seeing a smile on little kids faces that don't have much to smile about,” she said, “how can that not be the most satisfying thing in the world?”

Jennifer Vigne, President of the Education Foundation of Sarasota County, feels honored to have worked with the Baranciks in life.

“Just last week he and Margie were smiling and clapping along at the Teacher of the Year event as the Oak Park student choir serenaded the crowd,” Vigne recalled. “While the CMBF has transformed our community with their personal philanthropy, Chuck and Margie have, along the way, touched hearts and transformed lives.” 

Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

[Arts]  The Odyssey of Salop, Wild Beast of the Treasure Coast
Andrew Fabrian, andrew.fabian@srqme.com

When a 17-year-old boy from Cohoes, New York named Ed Rymanowski was drafted into the Navy during WWII, he stepped across a threshold and into the opacity of his future. The potentialities would be countless, death among them, and whatever happened, it would be far from home and would transform him with or without his permission. His military travels took him to Naples, Italy, and the country would keep his heart on layaway as the war came to an end, beckoning him back to the Old World with its promises of new sights, new languages and the pursuit of his own personal epic.

“I promised myself I’d come back [to Italy] one day and build a house,” he says. “Many years later, I got a few bucks together and bought one,” he continues, “but the mafia made it tough to live there.” Naples would only be another threshold into a new set of experiences, and after selling in Naples and buying another home in Spain, his feet somehow carried him to Aix-en-Provence, France, where he studied painting alongside none other than Henri Matisse, the patriarch of les Fauves. The motley crew of artists included André Derain, Albert Marquet and Henri Manguin, while Cezanne and Picasso were also practicing their craft in the city. Rymanowski, now a war veteran, world traveler and aspiring artist, was caught in a magical moment of art history, and it was here where his wild beast peers gave him the nickname Salóp, the moniker he still signs his paintings with.

It was also in this transformative period of his odyssey where his style was formed. To this day, Salóp’s work still evokes the requisite elements of the Fauvist aesthetic. He employs wild, crude brush strokes with a bold, expertly composed and minimalist color palette; the perspectives in his pieces are often jilted and askew; the objects simplified almost to the point of abstraction. But there is also an added element of youthful exuberance in his work, as though he is perpetually seeing the world with a sense of childlike wonder. And, like many a classically trained artist, he shares an affinity for the female form, but always as an object of beauty rather than sexuality. 

His collection at Ligon Fine Art showcases the full force of his mastery in the medium, and even in the twilight of his humble Homeric journey, Salóp continues to find something fresh to say in a style that feels as familiar as it does bold. 

Photo: Salop's 'Flower Power' evokes the fauvist style of early 20th Century France. Courtesy of Ligon Fine Art.

[Performance]  Who’s Got the Funk?
Andrew Fabian

Whether it’s the African polyrhythms or James Brown’s exalted, aerobic treatment of the genre, few styles of music compel a body to move quite like funk. So, it was probably just a matter of time before Sarasota Contemporary Dance and its troupe of expert movers decided to incorporate the music into a live performance that celebrates funk’s origins while reframing it in a fresh, modern way. The soundtrack for this collaboration is provided by none other than Reverend Barry & The Funk, the area’s eminent 8-piece funk band that features a 3-piece horn section. 

The Funk are fronted by bass player, bandleader and primary vocalist Barry Nicholson, while a bevy of Grammy-nominated musicians accompany Nicholson with expert virtuosity. With their high-energy mix of celebrated covers and dazzling originals, SCD was given plenty to work with. “The music created the space for fun and experimentation,” says artistic director and co-founder Leymis Bolaños Wilmott, who was inspired to choreograph dances specific to the individuality of each of the six SCD dancers pegged for the show. Without divulging too much, Wilmott says each dancer will have certain “obstacles” or “props” with them on stage as they perform to some undisclosed funk classics from James Brown and others, as well as the debut of original music from Reverend Barry & The Funk.

But in spite of the lighthearted fun of the music, collaborating and choreographing for the genre proved to be a worthwhile challenge. “Funk is so improvisational and fun,” says Wilmott, a contrast to the more formal approach of a typical SCD show. It was important that Wilmott find a balance between honoring the fun and subversive nature of the genre while still packaging it in a stage production that SCD feels familiar to audiences. And, of course, it all had to be framed in a way that was clearly contemporary. “There’s this implied fourth wall in our performances,” says Wilmott, “but I wanted to try and break it down a little bit to have a relational, call-and-response theme that was so central to the genre.”

The funky string of shows took place over the weekend of December 5-8, 2019. 

[Family Day]  Asolo Rep Provides Free and Discounted Tickets for Local Youth and Families

Throughout Asolo Rep's critically acclaimed run of  The Sound of Music, the theatre has provided free and discounted tickets for more than 1,200 area youth and families. This initiative supports the institution's belief that it is crucial for the next generation to experience the magic of live theatre at a young age. The theatre hosted a sold-out student matinee on December 4 for more than 500 students (grades 8 - 12) from schools in Sarasota and Manatee County. As part of the program, Asolo Rep Education & Engagement department provided educational materials (curriculum, interactive activities, and discussion questions) to connect the show onstage to the lives and learning of students. The theatre also provided an additional 200 discounted tickets for students from other schools for performances throughout the run. 

More than 100 families (500+ patrons) attended Family Day at The Sound of Music on Saturday, December 14. Attendees received discounted tickets and also engaged in pre-show interactive activities, hosted by arts partners Embracing Our Differences, The Ringling and The Sarasota Opera, including an opera singing lesson, a paper collage craft, an inside look at the real von Trapp family and more.

Asolo Rep's Education & Engagement department is in the process of expanding its offerings. Visit https://www.asolorep.org/engage-learn to stay up to date.  The Sound of Music runs through December 28. For tickets and information, visit www.asolorep.org. 

[GoodBite]  Jumbo Jingle Bells
Brittany Mattie, brittany.mattie@srqme.com

'Tis the season for some heartfelt homemade Southern cooking, with some character and spice. Tailing behind the teeming trend of food trucks, Shiny Gumbo is pulling up and feeling shiny new. You may have seen the shiny all-chrome truck mirroring its driveby scenery cruising around town and posting up with colorful Christmas lights for the holidays. The family—Patrick and Leigh Spencer, with their children Oliver, Trustin and Gracenne—have been seen at Big Top Brewing Co., at the University Town Center Mall, 50 Paramount Apartment Homes and various local festivals as of late. A fun family affair, their New Orleans-inspired menu features saucy creations like Crawfish Étouffée—a rich, blonde roux, fresh  tomatoes, cajun seasonings, and succulent crawfish tail served over rice, as well as Red Beans n' Rice—slow-cooked red beans, spicy and smoky sausage,  cooked together in a cajun sauce, served over rice. Dive into their signature dish, the Gumbo—a dark, rich roux with cajun seasoned chicken and sausage slow cooked stew. and lastly, what would a jumbo food truck be without Jambayala—a traditional creole rice dish with seasoned shrimp, fresh tomato, onion and green peppers and creole spices. Be sure to welcome the Spencer family to the avid and ethnic food truck scene here, and don't be shy to get down and dirty with more than one of their soulful dishes—lots of napkins are on standby and satisfying Southern helpings are guaranteed.  

Photo courtesy of Shiny Jumbo.

[Philanthropy]  Sheriff Knight Announces 3rd Annual Holiday Toy Drive Results

Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight is pleased to announce the sheriff’s office collected more than 1,450 donations including more than $4,100 in gift cards, during the agency’s third annual holiday toy drive. In 2017, the sheriff’s office launched its inaugural holiday toy drive in the front lobby of the agency’s new Sarasota headquarters. A tree was selected by local Boy Scout troops for the 2017 event and again in 2018. This year, the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Public Safety Department stepped up and donated a tree where agency and community members donated toys for children ranging from newborn to 18 years old, over the course of two weeks. Today, deputies delivered 1,453 gifts including $4,120 in gift cards, to the 12th Judicial Circuit Guardian Ad Litem offices in downtown Sarasota. 

[Philanthropy]  SMART Receives $7,290 from the Norman and Phyllis Siskel Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy, Inc. (SMART) received a $7290 grant from the Norman and Phyllis Siskel Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. The grant will be used to support SMART’s Warriors in Transition program which is aimed at empowering veterans with an emphasis on leadership, team building, and physical and emotional well-being. 

"We are so grateful for the support of the Warriors in Transition program by the Norman and Phyllis Siskel Donor Advised Fund.  By partnering with our horses, veterans learn to ask for space and set healthy boundaries, lead without force, relax without losing awareness, and rebuild trust.  This generous donation allows SMART to continue to serve the brave men and women of our military” said Melissa Spillenkothen, Acting Executive Director of SMART Inc. 

[Philanthropy]  SMART Receives $10,000 Grant from the Thomas Robert Wall Family Foundation Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation

Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy, Inc. (SMART) is pleased to announce they have received a $10,000 Grant from the Thomas Robert Wall Family Foundation Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation. The grant will be used for lighting the covered arena.

“We are very grateful for this grant which brings us closer to our dream of lighting the covered arena.  With the addition of lights in the arena, SMART will no longer have to cancel or cut short our evening classes once daylight saving time ends.  Instead, we will be able to continue our full schedule of classes. ” said Melissa Spillenkothen, Acting Executive Director of SMART. 

[Education]  Sarasota Charter School Program Wins International Education Award

The Operation Outbreak (O2) educational platform, developed at Sarasota Military Academy (SMA), a local, public charter school, was recently named the world’s most innovative hybrid learning program at the 2019/2020 Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Awards Ceremony in London, England. 

The global educational awards program, jointly organized by the Wharton School and QS Quacquarelli Symonds, featured judges from around the world who selected the SMA Prep Operation Outbreak program out of approximately 2000 programs from 84 countries. Operation Outbreak was announced as the Gold Winner of the Hybrid Learning Award category during a ceremony held in London on December 10, 2019.

Dr. Todd Brown, Sarasota Military Academy Outreach Director and creator of the Operation Outbreak program and Dr. Andres Colubri, of the Sabeti Lab, submitted an extensive application for this opportunity and was placed on the shortlist, comprised of the top 15% of applicants to the competition, including applications received from over 2000 educational innovators from 84 countries.  

[SOON]  THEATER: The Sound of Music , November 13 – December 28, 7:30pm and 8pm evening performances and 1:30 and 2pm matinees

Like a breath of fresh Alpine air, this beloved musical masterpiece sweeps onto the Asolo Rep stage just in time for the holidays. Maria, a young nun causing trouble at the abbey, is sent off to be governess to Captain Von Trapp’s seven troublesome children. She brings much-needed love and joy to the family – and the widowed captain – and transforms their world and hers through the power of music. But the looming threat of Nazi Germany’s invasion of their native Austria darkens their future. Overflowing with some of the most iconic songs of all time, this heart warming family musical will be helmed by Josh Rhodes, returning on the heels of his spectacular production of Evita in 2017.

FSU Performing Arts Center, 5555 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

[SOON]  FILM: Sun Xun: Time Spy , August 11 – February 16

A mesmerizing 3D animated film by Chinese painter and draughtsman, Sun Xun incorporates traditional techniques including ink painting, charcoal drawing and woodblock printing. He uses analog and digital technologies to explore pressing concerns of the time.

The Ringling, 5401 Bay Shore Road

[SOON]  MUSEUM: Manuel Álvarez Bravo: Specters and Parables , December 8 – March 1

Born and raised in Mexico City, where he spent most of his career, Manuel Álvarez Bravo (Mexican, 1902-2002) was one of the most important figures in 20th century Latin American photography. Although he took art classes at the Academy of San Carlos, his photography was mostly self-taught, but he was savvy to the emerging international artistic avant-garde. Considered to be one of the founders of modern photography, his work extends from the late 1920s to the 1900s. He was a key figure from the period following the Mexican Revolution—often called the Mexican Renaissance—in which arts and literature flourished. This “Renaissance” owed to the happy—though not always tranquil—marriage between a desire for modernization and the search for an authentic national identity with Mexican roots, in which archaeology, history and ethnology played an important role. Support for this exhibition has been provided, in part, by the Ringling Endowment at the Florida State University Foundation. Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues. 

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota

[SOON]  FESTIVAL: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Lights In Bloom , December 14 – January 4, 6pm-9pm

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens lights up the holiday season with Lights In Bloom. Over two million lights will illuminate the gardens and walkways will be transformed into sensory light tunnels. Visitors will have the opportunity to stroll through magical gardens filled with beautifully lit flowers, radiant rainforest butterflies, dragonflies and more. The tropical holiday paradise includes nightly visits from Santa (before Christmas Eve), children’s arts and crafts activities and games and special entertainment. Grilled foods will be available for purchase from the Michael’s on East grill including a cash bar. The Selby House Cafe will also be open with its full menu. In its 16th year, Lights In Bloom has become a tradition for residents and visitors to celebrate the holiday season in Sarasota.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 900 S Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

[SOON]  MUSEUM: Syd Solomon: Concealed and Revealed , December 15 – April 26

Concealed and Revealed offers a unique selection of paintings by the artist, along with numerous objects from the Solomon Archive on view for the first time. Syd Solomon (American, 1917-2004) described himself as an “Abstract Impressionist” alluding to the fact that his work infused impressionism into the processes, scale and concepts of Abstract Expressionism. Solomon moved to Sarasota in 1946 with his wife Annie. His was the first work of contemporary art to be collected by The Ringling in 1962. His paintings were greatly influenced by climatic factors and reveal a fascination and concern for Florida’s aquatic environment. Solomon incorporated his experience as a camouflage designer during World War II into his painting. It is not well-known that he was also an accomplished graphic artist, who in his early years designed commercial signage for prominent hotels and businesses in Sarasota. Like his work in camouflage, Solomon’s calligraphic skill was essential to the development of his later gestural abstraction.

Syd Solomon: Concealed and Revealed is presented in partnership with the Estate of Syd Solomon and is accompanied by a 96-page publication with essays by former curator at The Ringling Michael Auping, George S. Bolge, Dr. Gail Levin, and Mike Solomon. The exhibition will include artworks from private collections and The Ringling’s permanent collection.

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota

[SOON]  GALLERY: The Peter Max Retrospective: Celebrating the Pop Art Movement, Music and Artistic Vision , December 16 – December 26

A Retrospective collection, with a significant nod to music, the arts and the legacy of the Pop Art genre from the studio of artist legend, Peter Max, will be on exhibition and available for acquisition in a limited engagement presentation at Chasen Galleries, Sarasota’s premier pop art gallery. The exhibition opens with an evening preview event on Thursday, January 16, 2020 from 5-8 pm. The Exhibition extends through Sunday, January 26. Two limited engagement, not-to-be-missed Gallery receptions for the public will take place on Saturday, January 25 from 6 to 8 pm and Sunday, January 26 from 1 to 3 pm. All receptions complimentary and open to the public with RSVPs suggested; 866-900-6699.

Chasen Galleries, 1830 S Osprey Ave suite 102, Sarasota, FL 34239

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: A Classic Crosley Christmas , December 18 – December 22, 2:00pm and 7:30pm

The magic of the season brings kindness and light to Bradenton. For one enchanting evening, three generations of believers find their way to the Crosley Mansion. Join Gwendolyn and Powel Crosley for a riotous retelling of the Charles Dicken’s Classic, A Christmas Carol, take a trip down memory lane for Music Most Merry with the Mistletones as they weave together traditions from around the world and Classic Christmas songs from the 1950s, and hop aboard the Polar Express as Christopher and Agnes share this heartfelt story for the young and the young at heart. Do you still believe? Join us this season for A Classic Crosley Christmas: A Timeless Holiday.

Powel Crosley Estate, 8374 N Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34243, FL

[SOON]  MUSIC: The Perlman Music Program Sarasota Winter Residency and Celebration Concert , December 21 – January 4, 5pm

Each season, The Perlman Music Program/Suncoast hosts The Perlman Music Program (PMP) Sarasota Winter Residency. Founded by Toby Perlman, and with a world-renowned faculty led by her husband, internationally acclaimed violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman, PMP augments its seven-week summer school program in Shelter Island each December with a 17-day winter residency, December 21, 2019 - January 4, 2020, in Sarasota and Manatee counties. The residency provides valuable mentoring and performance opportunities for approximately 35 young international string musicians, ages 12-20+, and offers 20+ free and low-cost musical events on the campus of USF Sarasota-Manatee. Each year, the winter residency culminates with the Celebration Concert, January 4, 2020, with Itzhak Perlman conducting the PMP String Orchestra and Patrick Romano leading the PMP Chorus at the Sarasota Opera House.

USF Sarasota-Manatee, 8350 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 34243

[SOON]  THEATER: FSU/Asolo Conservatory and the Hermitage to Host Mime Workshop with Bill Bowers , December 21, 11am-12pm

The Hermitage Artist Retreat and the FSU/Asolo Conservatory are teaming up to present an open class with renowned mime artist Bill Bowers. The class will take place Saturday, December 21, from 11 AM – 12 PM, in the Jane B. Cook Theatre at the FSU Center for Performing Arts. The workshop is free to attend but reservations must be made through the Asolo Repertory Theatre Box Office. Bill Bowers will spend a week working closely with FSU/Asolo Conservatory students, who will assist him in this hour-long workshop in the Cook Theatre. Bowers will demonstrate basic pantomime technique and perform selections from his solo plays. The students, who have been studying with Bowers, will share work from their week-long residency with him.

Jane B. Cook Theatre, FSU Center for the Performing Arts, 5555 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

[SOON]  GALA: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens New Year's Eve Gala , December 31 – January 1, 8pm-1am

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is proud to present Sarasota’s most sophisticated and diversely entertaining New Years Eve experience; a black-tie event featuring a private journey through tropical holiday light displays, passed hors d’oeuvres, a seated four course dinner, special performances by The Sarasota Ballet Studio Company and Trainees from the Margaret Barbieri Conservatory and dancing at Michael’s on the Bay. The countdown to the New Year culminates with a champagne toast and a perfect view of fireworks overlooking Sarasota Bay.  Celebrate the New Year in style.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 900 S Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: Starlight & Fire New Year's Eve , December 31, 7-10pm

Holidays at The Point brings fresh new life to our past events, Holly Days and Mangrove Lights. Each day/night will bring you and your family new memories, experiences, and a wonderful new holiday tradition. Ring in the new year at Historic Spanish Point. Fun for the whole family – enjoy lawn games, hula hoop and dance competitions for the kids, s’ mores roasting, holiday treats, cash bar and music. Tickets for each event are $15 for adults, $7 for kids (aged 12 and younger). Tickets for Historic Spanish Point Members are $12 for adults, $5 for kids (aged 12 and younger).

Historic Spanish Point, White Cottage Lawn, 337 N. Tamiami Tr., Osprey, FL 34229

[SOON]  SEMINAR: Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning (SILL) , January 7 – March 26, 10:30 am

Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning (SILL) is preparing for its 49th year of extremely popular global issues lectures and musical conversations. In 2020, these programs will begin in January and continue through the end of March. Speakers of global issues lectures are well-known, highly experienced experts, and guests on musical conversations are internationally renowned musicians, singers, and performers. SILL is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. In its 49th season, its programs will include 96 lectures and musical conversations presented in Sarasota, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch. SILL audiences mostly consist of highly educated and intellectually curious seniors living on the Suncoast year-round or during winter months. SILL also simulcasts some of its lectures to selected senior communities. Last year, attendance at SILL events exceeded 40,000. Single tickets to SILL events are only $10 at the door when available, and a season ticket for 12 same-day lectures cost just $85, which represents substantial savings. For program schedules, venues, speaker bios, and ordering season tickets visit sillsarasota.org

First United Methodist Church, 104 S. Pineapple Ave.

[SOON]  FESTIVAL: 9th Annual New Year's Eve Bayfront Fireworks , December 31 – January 1, 12am

Ring in the New Year at the Sarasota Bayfront Midnight Fireworks Spectacular! See one of the best fireworks displays Southwest Florida has to offer. Make your reservations now by calling Marina Jack at (941) 365-4232. Proceeds benefit Suncoast Charities for Children.

Bayfront Park, 5 Bayfront Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236

[SOON]  GALA: The Hospital Gala , January 11, 6pm-11pm

The Hospital Gala has raised more than $2.2 million to benefit Sarasota Memorial Hospital ER/Trauma Services and Cardiac Services. This year, proceeds will support Cancer Services to help the SMH cancer care team deliver the best life-saving care for you, your loved ones and those in our community.

The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, 1111 Ritz Carlton Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236

[SOON]  SEMINAR: SWAC Lecture: Jamal Abdi , January 14, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Join the Sarasota World Affairs Council for the next program in its 2019-20 Lecture Series, “The Politics of Hate Have Driven the U.S. and Iran to the Brink,” featuring Jamal Abdi, President of the National Iranian American Council. Mr. Abdi will describe the background and mission of the Iranian-American Council, as well as provide an update on the current Iranian-American relationship and international efforts to establish prospects for peace in the region. Each SWAC lecture is followed by a members-only reception with the speaker in a historic building on Sarasota Bay. The lecture is free, but reservations are suggested.

Mildred Sainer Pavilion, 5313 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243

[SOON]  PERFORMANCE: Art of Performance: Yin Mei - Peony Dreams: On The Other Side of Sleep , January 17 – January 18, 7:30pm

Created and choreographed by Yin Mei, an artist of the Chinese diaspora who has been part of the New York dance scene since the 1990’s, this new dance theater piece for five dancers melds themes from the iconic Chinese literary work The Peony Pavilion and Yin Mei’s own life experience as a teenage government dancer during the Chinese Revolution. Highly visual and referencing a dense collection of letters she wrote to her family over two decades, the work is a dance painting that occupies the space between truth and dreams.

Historic Asolo Theater, 5401 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243

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