BELIEVE in a Social Network of Services

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Your zip code could be a more reliable predictor of your health than your genetic code. To better understand how the cultural aspects of our lives effect our physical health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created the Systems for Action grant. 

In 2017, The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center was selected as a research site for a study funded by the grant. The study’s aim was to help inform policies from a big-picture perspective with a focus on measuring the community’s capacity to absorb hospital and clinical referrals. 

All to answer the greater question: How can we connect our nation’s fragmented systems to build a Culture of Health?

Of the 31 local organizations responding, the study found a well-connected network with high levels of mutual trust and value, ready to move toward greater efficiency. The Center’s position as a connector and hub for human services enabled the study to reach into our local network, paving the way for system-wide improvement and making real change possible.

As Founder Dr. Kay Glasser was known to say, “The quality of life in any community depends upon the quality of life of its people.” The Center has been committed to a better quality of life for all since opening its doors 30 years ago.

To mark the 30th anniversary, Glasser/Schoenbaum is hosting BELIEVE. The fundraiser gala will feature guest speaker and author of the study, Dr. Danielle Varda, who will discuss her findings and uncover the ways in which our local network is built on trust and value.

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