ROBRADY'S GMX7 X1-PRO Makes a Splash with 2020 Red Dot Award Win



Competing against 6,500 submissions from over 70 countries, ROBRADY design is honored to receive a distinguished 2020 Red Dot Award in Product Design for the GMX7 X1-PRO. The X1-PRO is a compact, aquatic resistance training system that has caught the attention of Olympic athletes and now, one of the highest accolades by international experts in the field of design. Winning a Red Dot Award is a tremendous achievement and honor for ROBRADY and GMX7. The studio is proud to brand the X1-PRO as a Red Dot Design Award winner and have it on display alongside other winning products at the Red Dot Award museum in Essen, Germany.

About Red Dot Award For over 60 years, the Red Dot Award has become one of the most soughtafter seals of quality for good design. Red Dot has become one of the largest design competitions in the world. Submissions for 2020 reached a total of over 6,500 entries from 70 countries. Winning a Red Dot is a very special honor for the laureates, as the award is only given to works with a high design quality.

About GMX7 Founded in 2018, GMX7 exists to change the world of swimming by empowering swimmers with the best aquatic resistance training device ever created. GMX7 founder, David McCagg, is a 7-time Gold Medalist, former World Record holder and winner of multiple National Championships. After retiring from a successful career in Real Estate Development, David decided to reenter the world of swimming. Thinking back to his time training under elite Olympic coaches, he knew his success and the success of others boiled down to one thing: how they trained in the water. Revitalized by this, his passion for the sport was more

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