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SRQ DAILY Jun 19, 2020

Friday Weekend Edition

Friday Weekend Edition

"Leaning into change is vital for any organization to survive. Our world has become a series of soundbites, memes and experiences. Adaptability is key and involves consistently learning new things and collecting new ideas to provide the change we as a society crave. "

- John Melleky, Senior Development Officer of The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art

[Political Art]  John Sims Tackles Pair of Pandemics
Philip Lederer, Phil.Lederer@srqme.com

This past Sunday, Sarasota-based artist/activist John Sims published an open letter to the entire American police community in the Orlando Sentinel. “I have been meaning to write you since the ‘90s,” the letter begins, listing the names of black victims of police brutality from Rodney King to Eric Garner to Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor and more, culminating in reflection on the “merciless death” of George Floyd as immediately emblematic of a deeper rot at the heart of law enforcement culture. Sims goes on to write about the “virus of racism and white supremacy” leading to a “pandemic of protests”—repurposing language the audience will now be all too familiar with in the context of COVID-19. And through his writing, his visual art and even a coronavirus-inspired video game, Sims explores a resonant connection emerging between what he represents as the malignancies infecting America.

Before the death of George Floyd but while COVID-19 was already disproportionately affecting communities of color, Sims created a new self-portrait, A Date with Fear, depicting the artist in the familiar black turtleneck and leather jacket of the Black Panthers, wearing a surgical mask with ‘Hello’ scrawled across it, holding a rose and surrounded by giant balls of coronavirus. An upside-down American flag pin marks his left lapel. At the same time, Sims created an online fine art video game dubbed Korona Killa, seeing the user take part in a Space Invaders-style battle against COVID-19 virions and bats. Both stem from the artist confronting his own fear of the virus and the ever-baffling question as to how to fight it, while pondering how society’s relationship to the threat would differ if the threat were clearly visible to all.

And in these questions and fears, Sims finds a very real analog to the reality of racism in his country. “Some elements of racism are very obvious, like KKK hoods or confederate flags, but there’s another insidious kind that is much more sophisticated,” he says, and these elements “are invisible, but still there and very viral.” The epidemic of police brutality then stems from this “racism as virus” like an autoimmune disease, where the white blood cells of the body attack that which they are supposed to protect. Like flu seasons that wax and wane though the virus never entirely disappears, this national sickness flares on a regular basis, he says, “but with no vaccine and only temporary treatments.” Viewed through this lens, the resulting pandemic of protests appears unavoidable. “America already had a pre-existing condition called American racism and police brutality,” Sims says.

And after more than 20 years of activism through art, Sims holds no illusions that his next painting will change the world. “Critical change happens because of critical loss—death,” he says. “The art just exposes how much further we need to go in developing our humanity.” 

Pictured: Second Date With Fear: A Self Portrait in May 2020 by John Sims

Click here to play Korona Killa and view Date with Fear on the artist’s website below.

[LGBT Artwork ]  In Times of Tumult, an Artist Paints for Unity
Andrew Fabian, andrew.fabian@srqme.com

As society continues to grapple with divisive issues surrounding race, one recent transplant to the Sarasota area is poised to throw her voice into the fray. As an artist that is biracial, indigenous and queer, Ashley Gillam is uniquely positioned to reconcile the beauty and the horror of the unique set of extrinsic and intrinsic circumstances that make us us. Her body of work taps into her own intersectionality and expresses a message of hope and compassion for the viewer, though not without first engaging her audience with difficult questions.

“I took a few years of premed classes in college,” says Gillam, “and I became interested in our internal anatomy, which can be beautiful and disgusting at the same time.” For Gillam, a preoccupation with blending disparate elements comes naturally. A series of paintings tentatively called her “Mouth Series” makes use of her acquaintance with internal anatomy. It features gaping mouths with internal organs inside rendered in the reds, pinks and beiges of the human body. The teeth add a touch of menace while the lips and organs contribute to a sense of vulnerability. It is simultaneously magnetic and repulsive, but for Gillam, that’s the point. “I want to make art that is visually appealing but also draws the viewer into a line of questions that maybe aren’t so easy to answer,” she says.

Her “Intersection” series speaks more directly to the convergence of the many parts of her identity. The series juxtaposes Western techniques with the geometric forms of tribal art from Africa and the Americas to render bold female images in various shades of brown. “As someone with a Caucasian, Black and indigenous background, I want to put these different identities into one body,” she says. Her efforts to unite these identities in herself has helped yield a collection that celebrates her unique perspective as a person of color, but the piece that showcases the full scope of her range comes from her painting titled, “Flesh” (pictured above).

This piece captures the ultimate, more timely aim of her work, particularly in light of the ongoing protests for police reform. It glows with hope, its subject seeming to meditate on how to turn that hope into a new reality. “People are angry right now,” she says, “but we’re angry because we so much desire love, and in softening that anger we’ll find a solution.”

Gillam is one of several artists that will be featured as part of “Attention Please: Amplifying LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Voices and Visibility,” The Harvey Milk Festival’s art exhibition that opens on July 17th with virtual viewings and limited in-person viewings at Ligon Fine Art. 

Click here for to see more from the artist.

[New Exhibit ]  Marie Selby Botanical Gardens to Showcase Pop Art Icon Roy Lichtenstein's take on Monet’s Garden

In his late career, Roy Lichtenstein’s famed primary colors and comic book imagery gave way to subtler explorations of color, light and materials. However, his interest in reinterpreting the
work of celebrated artists remained. In a new indoor and outdoor exhibition, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus will showcase the legendary pop artist’s screen prints based on Monet’s world-famous paintings of water lilies and haystacks.

Roy Lichtenstein: Monet’s Garden Goes Pop! will be on view exclusively at Selby Gardens from February 14-June 27, 2021. Lichtenstein’s rarely seen Water Lilies with Reflections provides an unexpected homage to a staple of the public imagination. The series will be on view in the Museum of Botany & the Arts along with photographs of Lichtenstein at work and at home. The outdoor spaces at Selby Gardens will be transformed, through a Pop Art lens, into Monet’s famed gardens at Giverny.

“We are excited to give our gardens the Monet treatment, with an innovative pop art twist,”says Jennifer Rominiecki, president and CEO of Selby Gardens. “Our guests will immerse themselves in Lichtenstein’s interpretation of Monet for a dynamic experience in our galleries and gardens.”“Lichtenstein’s Water Lilies series is rarely seen, and yet it is a wonderful reflection of how his artistic viewpoint evolved in his late career,” said Dr. Carol Ockman, Curator-at-Large for Selby Gardens and Robert Sterling Clark Professor of Art History Emerita at Williams College.  

Click here for more information.

[Virtual Gallery]  Attend a Virtual Studio Visit at Chasen Galleries

Northern Virginia artist Christine Lashley has been a popular staple of the Chasen Galleries collection for years. Her plein air and studio paintings are done in a romantic, contemporary impressionist style that has continuously matured and evolved. We've been thrilled to watch Christine win awards at prestigious plein air paint-outs, be featured in national art magazines, and of course, fill the homes of our collectors with light and color. A lifelong nature enthusiast, Christine gets most of her inspiration from working outdoors. She completed her art education with study in the U.S. and abroad, and has continued to pass on her knowledge over 20 years of teaching classes and leading workshops. This week, Christine gives a glimpse into her studio, and a tour of the works available right here at Chasen Galleries. 

Click here to view Christine's artwork.

[New Hire]  Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Names New Board Chair, Trustees

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is proud to announce its 2020-2021 Board of Trustees, with a new board chair and two new trustees to guide the well-loved arts organization into the future. Longtime supporter and leader Doris Johnson is the new chair, succeeding Marian Moss; new trustees are Mona Rankin and Dona Scott. Johnson, Rankin and Scott will serve with trustees Marvin Albert, Cheryl Anderson (treasurer), Ali Bahaj, Chris Caswell, Esq., Kitty Cranor, Michael Gardiner, Sy Goldblatt, Dr. Jaih Jackson, Penelope Kingman, Margie Nellum Lee, Dr. John Maupin, Howard Millman, Dr. Randall Morgan, Marian Moss (vice chair), Mike Rosario (secretary), Eva Slane and Lois Watson.

“WBTT provides young artists with a platform through which they can sharpen their skills in order to gain wider exposure,” said Johnson. “I have seen how this community embraces the young performers and feel that this relationship is immensely important to their success and to the success of WBTT. I am thrilled to be a part of the energy and excitement, and look forward to continuing to support this unique and crucial arts organization."

“We are so excited to welcome Mona and Dona to the board, and proud to welcome Doris as our new Chair,” said Julie Leach, WBTT’s executive director. “These are three strong, accomplished, brilliant women whose insights and hard work will be essential in helping to guide our organization through the uncertain waters of the coronavirus pandemic.” 

[Award]  Sarasota Academy Students Win Sarasota Film Festival Comedy Category

Students from Sarasota Military Academy, a local, public charter school, recently learned they have received an inaugural award from the 2020 Sarasota Film Festival. The cadets submitted a film titled, “The Fate of the Oklahoma Riders,” and won the newly-established “Comedy Appreciation” category during the festival’s virtual competition.

"A sincere congratulations to the award-winning students at the Sarasota Military Academy for their creative and humorous film. It was a delight to our audiences, and we look forward to more shorts from the bright young minds of this school," said Mark Famiglio, Co-Founder and President of the Sarasota Film Festival.

“Our cadets are so incredibly gifted and we enjoy seeing the films they create for the festival each year. We are so grateful that festival staff created a way for the films to be showcased, adapting to ensure that our cadets and all participants had an opportunity to share their work,” said SMA-COL Christina Bowman, Sarasota Military Academy Executive Director. “The “Comedy Appreciation” category shows the community that we can always find light and joy, even and especially throughout this uncertain time. Congratulations to our SMA filmmakers, and thank you to the Sarasota Film Festival staff for their creative and heartfelt commitment to local art.” 

[Birthday Fundraiser]  The Player's Centre Celebrate CEO's Birthday with a Birthday Roast Fundraiser

The Interim CEO and Managing Artistic Director Jeffery Kin is celebrating his birthday on July 5 at 7:30pm with roasts and toasts from some of your favorite local performers.Join them as Jeffery watches songs, jokes and more just for him, as a fundraiser for The Players Centre for Performing Arts. You will get a link to experience Jeffery's Roast and Toast, live from your living room, and you’ll be able to chat with others watching in real time. Tickets are only $20, help them celebrate the face of the players as he celebrates his 40th anniversary of turning 16. They trust you can do the math. Expect performances from local actors like Kathryn Parks, Catherine Randazzo, Brian Finnerty, Alyssa Goudy, Joey Panek, Eve Caballero, Kyle Turoff and many more. This is a fundraiser for The Players Centre for Performing Arts. 

The Players Centre For Performing Arts, 838 N. Tamiami Trail, 941-365-2494

Click here to purchase tickets.

[Shopping]  Oh, Hello Summer
Brittany Mattie, brittany.mattie@srqme.com

Kicking off the summer season; your favorite indie flea market, 73º Flea, and Sarasota fashion/wellness boutique, Fixxation, join hands/forces like female partners in crime, Thelma and Louise. Instead of an infinite and liberating car chase off a cliff, expect an equally exciting pop-up shop of fun summertime provisions. The Summer Essentials Pop-Up this Saturday, June 20 from 9am - 1pm will kick-off another steamy summer with 12 radical market vendors. After a long, hard spring, treat yourself with some retail therapy and off-season vibes with like-minded locals. Hosted at 1108 N. Orange Ave., the collaborative event hopes to highlight the many small businesses and artisans in our area along with their eclectic handmade goods and products. 

From spiritual kits, quirky candles, natural skin and body care, and dog accessories to upcycled decor, gemstone jewelry, keepsakes, and sustainable/reusable wraps and bags, we know you've missed your indie flea market outings. Lucky you; summer is now here and so is the time to shop and enjoy all things local. 

Vendors will be set up in front of the boutique on the patio in a completely covered space outside to ensure social distancing. A limited number of vendors will also be inside, with all staff wearing masks to keep patrons feeling safe. Chef Erik Decker of Deck's Plate will be cooking up some grub, while the SandWitch Shoppe & Bakery will be slinging both, sweet jewels and sweet treats, throughout the day. More market vendors to come play include: BYOBThe Frumple FactoryReloved Resale Consignment, Resting B Face Boutique, Chubbi Rhino, Emerge SRQ, Happy Tails Dog Boutique, Beeky Straws, The Genesis, Craft Organic, Heart2Art Masks by Lisa Wilkening, and Macrameow

Kiss two birds with one stone and get your sweat on as you shop and snack; there will also be a 10am - 11am barre class in the back studio of Fixxation's enlivened space with instructor Gabrielle. Reserve your spot here or text 941-467-3553.  

Photo courtesy of 'Thelma & Louise'

[New Innovation ]  Sweet Sparkman Designs Touchless Restrooms for Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

In an ongoing effort to enhance safety at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ), the facility has chosen Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors to modernize and improve its restrooms, transforming them with additional “touchless” elements to inhibit the spread of germs.

The restrooms, which already have no-touch faucets, are slated to add features that are not only attractive but also “clean, safe and hygienic,” explained Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors founder Todd Sweet, AIA, LEED AP. For instance, he said, touchless soap dispensers will be added and paper towels dispensers will be relocated to behind the mirrors at the sink. With trash containers moved to under the sink, the elements combine to provide convenience, improve general safety and limit patrons’ exposure to bacteria on surfaces.

The project builds on existing efforts to protect the health of travelers going through SRQ, said Rick Piccolo, SRQ president and CEO. “We’re already following all CDC guidelines for restroom cleanliness,” he explained, “with enhanced cleaning procedures using hospital-grade products.” This renovation he said, will further enhance these efforts to an even greater level of preventive measures. The project will be completed in an expedited process to effect the changes as soon as possible, according to Piccolo. “These types of projects are important to us,” said Sweet. “Though small in scale, they impact lives. We’re proud to partner with SRQ to help keep our residents and visitors safe.” 

[Recognition]  Allegiant Private Advisors Recognized as a Top Firm by Accounting Today

Allegiant Private Advisors has been recognized on Accounting Today’s “Wealth Magnets” annual list as a Top Firm by Assets Under Management for 2020. The independent firm offering fiduciary-level financial planning and investment advisory services earned a spot on the 2020 list based on Allegiant’s $789 million in assets under management. For the 14th annual ranking, Accounting Today received submissions from firms across the country; Allegiant is the only Sarasota-based firm included and one of three in Florida recognized in 2020.

“Our team is honored to be recognized by Accounting Today because we proudly ‘speak CPA’ at Allegiant. We regularly liaison with our clients’ complete team of advisors including accountants, attorneys and other trusted professionals focused on protecting and preserving assets,” explained Allegiant Private Advisors President Benjamin W. Jones, CFP®, AIF®. “In recent months, this means many collaborative online meetings with clients as we evaluate and advise on tax saving strategies and help clients navigate provisions of the CARES Act including the Paycheck Protection Program.” 

[Differently-Abled Summer Camp]  Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County Partner with Loveland Center to Offer an Inclusive Summer Program for Children with Disabilities

Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Loveland Center that will ensure children with special needs have increased access to high-quality youth development opportunities this summer. The “We Belong” program, which was launched in 2017 by local Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Teacher Lindsay Goffinet, is an inclusive 8-week program for children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that fosters a love for learning, builds independence and celebrates diversity in a safe, supportive environment.

“Loveland is proud to partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County in order to expand the We Belong summer program,” said Patrick Guerin, president and CEO of Loveland Center. “This partnership embodies both our missions and is a stepping stone to building a more inclusive community for future generations.” The We Belong program is led by certified teachers and youth development professionals at the Robert and Joan Lee Boys & Girls Club in Venice.

“The We Belong program exists as a response to a need I discovered in our community 4 years ago,” said Goffinet. “I created the We Belong program to encompass an environment where children with exceptionalities would be accepted. With the support of Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County that goal came to fruition, and now with the added support of the Loveland Center, we will be able to continue it for years to come,” said Goffinet.

“All children, regardless of abilities, need programs that empower them to reach their full potential,” said Bill Sadlo, President/CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County. “Thanks to our partnership with Loveland Center, our future leaders will continue to discover their unique abilities and talents to make a meaningful difference in our community.”

With lead expansion support from Loveland Center, children in the program participate in a variety of enrichment opportunities each day that strengthen social skills, independence, communication and confidence through educational activities, interaction with peers and weekly occupational, speech and music therapy.

“This inclusive opportunity will set the stage to educate the younger generation to shed stigma surrounding individuals with disabilities and allow others to see them for all they can be,” said Guerin. “So often, individuals with disabilities are judged based on their perceived disabilities and unfair limitations are set on them, as opposed to allowing them the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer.” 

Click here for more information.

[In This Issue]  Foragers Ahead

Local farms and food vendors prove tenaciously nimble as farmers markets are forced to pull the plug. 

Click here to read the full article from SRQ's Summer 2020 edition.

[Re-Opening]  Lakewood Ranch Main Street Back In Business

Main Street in Lakewood Ranch is open for business once again. The shops and restaurants you know and love are now open and welcoming patrons back at 50% capacity, per the CDC guidelines. Several of Main Street's side roads are closed to vehicular traffic so that businesses can extend into the street to serve customers outdoors. 

[Re-Opening]  Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg Announces Re-Opening

The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg is optimistically looking ahead in announcing our plan to reopen to MFA members on September 12. This decision to remain closed in the coming months aligns with our stance to rely on data as the driving factor for our reopening plans, and considers the increasing rate of positive coronavirus cases in Pinellas County and the State of Florida. The health and safety of the staff and visitors remains paramount, as well as a commitment to do their part to help slow the spread of this serious virus within our community. As they continue to monitor state and local COVID-19 data, they will provide any updates to our reopening plans, including the reopening date to the general public.

During the time of temporary closure, they have been undertaking deep cleaning of the entire museum, working on maintenance projects, preparing for safe reopening protocols, researching and writing about hundreds of works in our Collection, and — most exciting— renovating and reinstalling our galleries ahead of a planned summer schedule. This major project is already underway, and they look forward to unveiling the new look and installation to the community later this year. Upon reopening, visitors will be able to enjoy the special exhibition, Derrick Adams: Buoyant. Originally scheduled to be on view this summer, the show will now run September 12 through November 29. Our online programming, "MFA From Home," will continue throughout the summer, as we celebrate the power that art offers to inspire, delight and educate. 

[Donation]  Goodwill Manasota Receives $23,000 Grant to Support Key Staff Positions

To help support staff positions in the mission-critical areas of career and veterans’ services, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County has granted $23,000 to Goodwill Manasota. The grant will fund one Job Connection employee and cover the cost of 1.5 Veterans Services Program team members for two months. This grant will help Goodwill to position itself for increased community needs as the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be felt.

The Job Connection program is designed to help individuals find employment or transition to better-paying jobs. Community members can benefit from free services such as career counseling, interest and aptitude assessments, assistance with resume and cover letter writing skills, interview strengthening exercises, and application submission guidance. Goodwill’s Veterans Services Program works to help eliminate barriers to employment, provide opportunities for higher-paying positions for veterans and their families, and connect veterans with needed social services. It also offers plentiful networking opportunities and emergency financial assistance – which will be particularly important as already at-risk veterans face COVID-19-related challenges. 

Pictured: Veterans Services Program team member Randy Wright (left) and Todd Hughes, program manager, with service dog Ghost.

[SOON]  MUSEUM: The Ringling: Kabuki Modern , November 13 – June 27, Museum hours.

In response to developments and the rise of photography, publishers, print designers and painters updated their stylistic and technical approaches to yakusha-e, thereby propelling the genre into the modern era. Kabuki Modern presents superb recent acquisitions of kabuki portraits between 1868 and the 1950s. Visitors will see works by Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900), Yamamura KĹŤka (Toyonari, 1885–1942), and Natori Shunsen (1886–1960) — the foremost print artists of their time. Two stunning screen paintings by Murakami Michiho (1899–1938) and Torii Kiyotada IV (1875–1941) that recently returned to the Museum following conservation treatment are also on view. Featuring portraits of actors in character, these prints and paintings capture the dynamic poses, elaborate stage make-up, and sumptuous costumes that have enthralled audiences for over 400 years. The exhibit began November 13, 2019 and will end June 27, 2021, during museum hours.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota

[SOON]  GALLERY: Online: Art Center Member's Juried Exhibition , May 28 – July 30, Online.

Jurors include: Dustin Juengel and Nathan Skiles, Curators.  Art Center Sarasota invites contemporary Member artists to submit work for Sarasota’s all media, all subjects, juried exhibition. This exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to see the diverse artistic mediums and enormous talent of today’s artists online. Click on the artworks below for more information, all work is for sale. Enter the media or artist name in the search bar.

Art and Vision, 707 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

[SOON]  THEATER: Online: Asolo Repertory Theatre Online Classes for Kids, Ages 8-18 , July 6 – July 31, 10am, 11am and 3pm

Introducing Asolo Rep Young Artist: Online Classes, designed for ages 8-18. From demystifying Shakespeare to exploring innovative ways of creating theatre together, these classes will spark your young artist’s imagination and help to hone their theatrical technique. See below to find out more about the exciting content and amazing professional artists who will be leading these classes. Classes are $50 to $75 to register. Contact Asolo Rep Education & Engagement Department: education@asolo.org

Online Program.

[SOON]  MUSEUM: The Ringling: Circus and Suffragists , October 25 – January 21, Museum hours.

From its founding in the 18th century, women found path to independence through the circus by actively making the decisions that shaped their lives. Female performers often entered into contracts on their own, moving from one show title to another as it was deemed advantageous to their career. Their well-traveled lifestyles and exposures to a diverse population of performers provided circus women with broad knowledge not only of various cultures, but also on legal matters that impacted their profession. In April of 1912, one week after meeting with women from the Barnum & Bailey Suffrage group, leaders of the Women's Political Union leaders acknowledged that “there is no class of women who show better that they have a right to vote than the circus women, who twice a day prove that they have the courage and endurance of men.” This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Howard and Janice Tibbals, the Howard Tibbals Collection, and the Howard Tibbals Endowment. The exhibit began October 25, 2019 and will end on January 21, 2021 during Ringling museum hours.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

[SOON]  SEMINAR: Virtual: State of the Talent Virtual Conference (SOTC) , July 16, 9am-3pm

The State of Talent Conference is presented by CareerSource Suncoast and is the premier one-day conference experience completely focused on the future of workforce and talent development. This leadership-focused conference provides a unique insight into the current state of talent and what leaders need to do to tackle one of business’ most complex challenges, their people assets. While the original live conference was cancelled this year in light of COVID-19, we are pleased to provide a completely immersive digital experience. Free. Fully Immersive Digital Experience. 4+ CEUs (SHRM/HRCI).


[SOON]  FESTIVAL: Nathan Benderson Park Fireworks on The Lake , July 3, 4pm - 11pm

Nathan Benderson Park’s annual July 3 tradition, NBP Fireworks On The Lake, returns with a social distancing twist. It’s the finale of WWSB ABC7’s Independence Day special, tentatively airing at 9pm Saturday, July 4, 2020. The in-person fireworks celebration at the park will be a drive-in, social-distancing event. Fireworks will begin at 9pm on July 3 at the park. Ticketed fireworks viewing areas are on the park’s Regatta Island, in the Green Lot next to the SCAT station on North Cattlemen Road, and on the park’s south end. Vehicles will be spaced to allow for social distancing, so parking in each lot will be limited. Tickets will be sold beginning June 24, 2020. Pricing is $15 per car and $40 for recreational vehicles, with RV parking in the south park lot.

Nathan Benderson Park, 5851 Nathan Benderson Cir, Sarasota, FL 34235

[SOON]  SEMINAR: Salon D'Art, Agnes Pelton , June 19, 4-5pm

Join us for Salon d' Art via Zoom group video chat from 4-5pm. Patricia Rockwood and Elizabeth Goodwill will be co-hosting. Patricia and Elizabeth will talk about Agnes Pelton and her work. After the presentation have a discussion and Q&A. If you have a suggestion for Salon or would like to present an artist or art movement please email Elizabeth. Please pre-register by clicking this link or emailing Elizabeth at elizabeth@artsarasota.org. Also visit the Facebook group page for more information.


[SOON]  SEMINAR: SMARTGirl Mentorship Summit and Leadership Luncheon , October 12, 11 AM - 1:30 PM

The  2020 SMARTgirl Summit and Leadership Luncheon has been postponed to Monday, October 12, 2020. The Summit will no longer take place on March 13, 2020. As the SRQ Women Who Roar Initiative continues to grow, so does our responsibility to give back to the community. SRQ MEDIA believes that girls can do anything. Sometimes girls need an extra boost of encouragement and examples of how to make their dreams come true. Supported through SRQ Women Who Roar, this initiative is a collaborative effort to set local girls up for success. SMARTGirl fosters “curated networking” and engages local elementary and middle school young women in a program designed to educate them on career possibilities and the tools they need to succeed through mentorship, soft skills training and hands-on workshops. Let’s help her ROAR and engage girls throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Hyatt Regency Sarasota, 1000 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, FL 34236

SRQ Media Group

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