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SRQ DAILY Jun 22, 2020

Monday Business Edition

Monday Business Edition

"Telecommuting certainly has impacted business and therefore commercial real estate."

- John Harshman, Harshman & Company

[Real Estate]  Remote Work Changing Commercial Real Estate
Jacob Ogles, jacob.ogles@srqme.com

The COVID-19 pandemic for many has changed their living rooms into office space. What’s that mean for commercial real estate as leases expire and business owners reassess their needs?

John Harshman, founder of commercial brokerage firm Harshman & Company, said the market has definitely changed, and in ways as unpredictable as the public health crisis itself.

Telecommuting certainly has impacted business and therefore commercial real estate,” he said. “Example: many financial planners and stock brokers are working at home and do not patronize downtown restaurants at lunch which hurts the restaurants. Some businesses may realize that they can work as effectively with employees working at home and ultimately some businesses will reduce office space.”

The bigger question, though, may not be whether change is coming but whether that’s bad for the economy or not.

A newly released WalletHub survey found nearly 60% of Americans believe the pandemic has changed the way people work for the better. Roughly one third of those surveyed believe the physical office to be “a thing of the past.” In fact, 41% of respondents think a requirement of working in the office instead of at home should come with an increase in pay.

Moreover, Americans according the survey seem ready to change other habits if telecommuting becomes more of a norm. About 33% would choose a home closer to their extended family if a commute wasn’t a concern, and 14% would choose to live somewhere more suited to outdoor activities, which may signal consequences for the condo market and a shift in prior trends that favored downtown living.

Ultimately, Harshen said change comes regardless, and it’s just the form that sometimes isn’t known until a transformation happens in the market.

“I don’t see this as devastating to the office market but rather part of the natural evolution,” he said, “like the reduction of office space by the banking industry over the past 10 years.” 

Graphic courtesy WalletHub

[Outdoors]  New Addition to Bayfront Park

The City of Sarasota Parks & Recreation District’s Landscape Department is always encouraging residents to plant native trees, shrubs and flowers. So there is no surprise that they wanted to reach out to the community and continue to educate patrons at the park. The newest addition at Bayfront Park is an interactive and educational Bioswale installment. A bio-Swale is a form of bioretention designed to capture and treat stormwater runoff from hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, roadways and rooftops. A shallow basin is excavated and lined with rocks to collect debris and pollution while conveying stormwater away for critical infrastructure. The swale component provides pre-treatment of stormwater to remove coarse to medium sediments while the plants help remove finer particulates and associated contaminates.In addition to helping to prevent erosion and improving water quality inside a bioswale, native plants provide essential food and habitat for local wildlife. Their seeds and nectar provide a valuable food source for birds, butterflies and other insects as well as a place to lay their eggs. Natives are well adapted to local conditions, require very little care once they are established, and add beauty to the landscape. 

[Allegiant Private Advisors]  Built to be Your Advocate

Imagine financial advisors who feel like family—trusted confidantes who can be counted upon to handle the most personal aspects of life. The experts at Allegiant Private Advisors (Sarasota’s 24-year-old boutique private firm) make conversations about financial planning a little less intimidating. Through customized coaching and support, advisors become client advocates who believe money management does not have to just be about cold facts and figures. Clients can exhale, knowing an ultra-competent team has only their best interests in mind for them. There are no ulterior motives, no sales tactics, no games—just fiduciary-level service for those who want steadfast, reliable stewards of their wealth.

When working with Allegiant, you are not simply hiring one advisor to manage your money, you are partnering with an entire team of financial and investment advisors - supported by exceptional client service professionals – that all bring their knowledge and years of experience to bear for the sole purpose of helping you achieve your goals.

Allegiant’s team of advisors helps you examine every aspect of your financial life to design a personalized and ever-changing financial plan based solely on your priorities and goals. The Allegiant Private Advisors team will always work in your best interests. 

If you’re seeking a trusted advocate to help guide your financial success, contact the Allegiant Private Advisors team at (941) 365-3745 or allegiantpa.com. 

Click here to view the Allegiant Private Advisors SRQ BrandStory

[Construction]  Willis Smith Construction Announces New Fire Station on Siesta Key

Willis Smith Construction announces the ground breaking of Fire Station 13 located on iconic Siesta Key Beach which will be replacing the 46 year old station. The new station is a two story building with 10,500 SF. Fire Station 13 has two drive-through apparatus bays for fire and rescue vehicles. The living and sleeping quarters have 8 dorm bunks, exercise room, full bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, living quarters. The facility also includes rooms for gear and equipment storage, hose drying, laundry and EMS storage. An added feature to Fire Station 13 there will be a screened in balcony with panoramic views of the iconic Siesta Key.

Once completed Fire Station 13 is planned to receive LEED “Certified” status through the USGBC by utilizing sustainable design requirements and is designed to withstand Category 4 hurricane winds. LEED® construction includes: incorporating a sustainable site, increased water efficiency, optimized energy performance along with increased indoor environmental quality. Specific examples of these items are: landscaping requiring zero watering after establishment; commissioning all equipment to verify optimal operational performance; use of recycled materials along with locally made local materials to decrease shipping waste; all construction debris is processed and what is recycled is diverted from landfills; the materials used on the job are low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to help in having a clean air building. The Architectural Firm of Sweet Sparkman Architects designed the facility along with consultants Quest Design Group, Inc. and Kimley-Horn. 

[Appointment]  Visit Sarasota County President Re-Appointed to Visit Florida Board of Directors

Visit Sarasota County is proud to announce that its President, Virginia J. Haley, has been re-appointed to the Visit Florida Board of Directors through June 30, 2022. Haley currently serves as the 2019-2020 Chair of the Visit Florida Board, where she worked closely with Visit Florida to ensure the not-for-profit corporation was reauthorized through October 2023 and that funding was solidified by the legislature for 2020-2021. “Though we’ve faced a great deal of challenges recently, including the fight for re-authorization and funding, and the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, it has been an honor to serve as the Chair for VISIT FLORIDA’s Board of Directors,” said Haley. “I am excited to be re-appointed so I can continue to serve and work towards marketing programs that highlight Florida’s diversity and provide benefits to every community in the state.” 

[Re-Opening]  Manatee Clerk of Court Resumes In-Person Services

The Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller’s Office will be resuming all in-person services, on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. They will be doing this by appointment only in an effort to limit the number of customers in the office and comply with social distancing. To make an appointment at the Clerk’s office, please call (941) 749-1800 and they will schedule you during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.

While the Manatee Clerk’s office is happy to welcome back customers in-person, they would like to encourage everyone to continue to utilize our on-line services. Bill pay, electronic filing and more may be conducted by visiting the website at www.manateeclerk.com. You can also use the drop box in the lobby for payments, official records and other paper pleadings. These items are also accepted by mail. 

Click here for more information.

[Yoga]  Fox Yoga at Big Cat Habitat

On Friday, July 3rd, 2020, Big Cat Habitat will host Fox Yoga and on Saturday, July 25th, 2020, Yoga With Tigers returns. 

Click here for tickets.

[SOON]  MUSEUM: The Ringling: Circus and Suffragists , October 25 – January 21, Museum hours.

From its founding in the 18th century, women found path to independence through the circus by actively making the decisions that shaped their lives. Female performers often entered into contracts on their own, moving from one show title to another as it was deemed advantageous to their career. Their well-traveled lifestyles and exposures to a diverse population of performers provided circus women with broad knowledge not only of various cultures, but also on legal matters that impacted their profession. In April of 1912, one week after meeting with women from the Barnum & Bailey Suffrage group, leaders of the Women's Political Union leaders acknowledged that “there is no class of women who show better that they have a right to vote than the circus women, who twice a day prove that they have the courage and endurance of men.” This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Howard and Janice Tibbals, the Howard Tibbals Collection, and the Howard Tibbals Endowment. The exhibit began October 25, 2019 and will end on January 21, 2021 during Ringling museum hours.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

[SOON]  MUSEUM: The Ringling: Howie Tsui, Retainers of Anarchy , March 15 – November 29, Museum hours.

Vancouver-based artist Howie Tsui’s solo exhibition, Retainers of Anarchy (2017), is an amalgamation of martial arts characters and techniques woven together with threads of social and political realities of present-day Hong Kong. Presented as a non-linear counter narrative in the form of a twenty-five metre hand-drawn animation, Retainers of Anarchy offers an opportunity to reflect on notions of identity and nationhood using Hong Kong’s past and more recent surge of political unrest. This exhibition is organized and circulated by the Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota

[SOON]  MUSEUM: The Ringling: Being Seen: Recent Photography Acquisitions , April 19 – January 3, Museum hours.

Curated from The Ringling’s photography collection, this exhibition features works by photographers who examine the complexities of identity and the staging of selfhood. Consisting primarily of self-portraits and portraits of empowered subjects, these works explore personal agency at the intersection of politics and the female body. Many of the artists in the exhibition are recognized as leading voices in contemporary art and offer diverse perspectives on issues surrounding power, sexuality, and self-representation. Each photograph presents a unique invitation to renew the dialogue on the authority of the gaze in the twentieth-first century. Being Seen also includes numerous works by significant women photographers from the twentieth century, added to the collection in recent years. This exhibition offers visitors a rare opportunity to explore themes of agency, visibility, and gender through the lens of a broader historical context. This exhibit began April 19, 2020 and will end on January 3, 2021, during museum hours.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Road

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