Make Sure Voters Run The City


Let's all agree on one thing… the residents of our city are the owners of our city! Developers, builders, architects, the Chamber of Commerce, Argus and various others have always wanted to own and run our city and here they are again, trying to buy their way in. The proof is right there for all to see on the City of Sarasota website.

Just look at the campaign contribution reports of some of the candidates. I'm not talking about an occasional donation. In some instances, developers have gotten every family member but the dog to donate the maximum $200 per person. In other case, reports look like the Christmas card list for the West Coast Builders Exchange! 

What do they want? Tis obvious, they want the same control of our city they have so cleverly managed in our county. With their people on the City Commission, they are guaranteed to get a vote for the go-to strong/boss mayor who can and will provide all the favors they desire.

The above-named organizations have tried and failed four times to change our city's form of government. What they never tell you is that instituting a "strong" mayor position (they call it an "elected" mayor) requires a major change to the City Charter. Therein lies the real story.

The last time this was tried (and rejected by the voters) their proposed mayor position was drafted to be out of the sunshine, able to nullify city commission votes and immune from recall... a lot of power vested in one person! And there was no requirement for prior experience and no accommodation for professional city management.

What we really need are competent City Commissioners who will give clear policy directives to the city staff, including the city manager. The City Commission itself works for the people who reside in the city... the voters.

I am supporting Commissioner Willie Shaw for reelection in District 1, Terry Turner in District 2 and Rob Grant in District 3. They will not yield to the interests who wish to change our city's form of government... they will listen to us, the owners of the City of Sarasota. Please consider voting along with me in your district.

Mollie C. Cardamone is a former Sarasota City Commissioner and Mayor.

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