All That Glitters is Gold with There Goes Lo's Repurposed Gucci, Dior and LV Charms

Hunting & Gathering

Photo courtesy of @there.goes.lo

Perhaps it’s not in your cards, credit cards that is, to splurge on that Louis Vuitton Flower Pendant Necklace, but local e-boutique There Goes Lo works a little magic so that you can thriftily procure high fashion name pieces without taking a trip to NYC’s Canal Street or going beyond your budget. Vintage designer charms are sourced, then There Goes Lo will recycle and renew the charms to become unique pieces that shine with new life. All pieces in its LUXE Collection are refurbished or repurposed from 100% authentic luxury designer pieces that are now limited editions put on chunky paperclip or dainty gold chains. Whether the DIOR Charm Necklace, the Vintage LV Lock & Key Necklace or the Gucci Bamboo Tassel Necklace, “Our goal for this collection is to give everyone luxury for less while recirculating and updating pieces that otherwise would be discarded.” Prices range from $55-$180 and have limited quantities for sale. 

There Goes Lo is not affiliated with any of the fore-mentioned brands or affiliates. Copyrighted trademarks and images are the sole property of their respective owners.

Photo courtesy of @there.goes.lo

Shop the LUXE jewelry collection here.

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