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SRQ DAILY Jun 30, 2021

Wednesday Philanthropy Edition

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Wednesday Philanthropy Edition

"We want to help as many people as we can just in case people lose power or run out of food. Florida Power stepped right in to fill a lot of pantries with shelf-stable meals and we're so excited to be able to help."

- Erin McLeod, Senior Friendship Centers Sarasota

-Mining The Gap, as seen in SRQ's May/June 2021 edition. Click photo for the full article.
[Community]  FPL and Senior Friendship Centers Help Sarasota Seniors Stock up on Food Supplies for Hurricane Season
Brittany Mattie, brittany.mattie@srqme.com

With the start of summer storm season looming closer, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) recently partnered with Sarasota's Senior Friendship Centers to provide three days' worth of shelf-stable provisions to seniors. Last Friday, a team of representatives and volunteers from FPL and Senior Friendship packaged meals and supplies into hurricane kits, then distributed them to over 200 pre-registered seniors in Sarasota. 

Senior Friendship Centers is a nonprofit organization serving older adults in four counties in Southwest Florida—promoting health, dignity and quality of life throughout individuals' journey of aging. "We want to help as many people as we can just in case people lose power or run out of food," says Erin McLeod, President & CEO of the Friendship Centers, "Florida Power stepped right in to fill a lot of pantries with shelf-stable meals and we're so excited to be able to help." 

Since 2016, FPL has worked with local community nonprofits to deliver thousands of hurricane kits to help seniors prepare for storm season, and with the start of what is anticipated to be another active storm season, this annual effort will help provide vital supplies to more seniors in the communities FPL serves. In total, more than 600 hurricane preparedness and meal kits will be delivered in Sarasota County—including nutritious snacks and bottled water for those who may not be able to leave their house or receive home-delivered meals after a bad storm.  "Many of these residents don't have the ability to leave their homes following a storm," says Devaney Iglesias, FPL External Affairs Manager, "and this allows them to prepare by giving them kits that contain meals, water and snacks for up to three days, should they need it in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm." 

For more information on how customers can prepare, including tips, checklists and more, visit FPL.com/storm. 

Photo courtesy of Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

[Language Program]  Goodwill Manasota Expands JobsPlus Language Program

MacKenzie Scott’s gift of $10 million last December allowed Goodwill Manasota to continue to launch new programs and expand existing ones in order to better serve the community. Goodwill is expanding the scope of its JobsPlus Language (JPL) program to hire, train and retain up to 10 workers (to start) with no, or extremely limited, English fluency. The overall goals of the JobsPlus Language program are: to serve 50 limited English proficiency team members, to graduate 10 JPL team members into other job slots and additional job skills training programs, to provide an internal pathway to better wages, and to offer an immersion model that can improve overall English proficiency in Manatee County. 

[New Website]  Local Digital Agency to Award Free Website to Charitable Organization in Greater Sarasota Region

Sarasota-based creative firm Purple Fish Creative has committed to supporting area nonprofit organizations through their new annual charitable initiative, Project SRQ. The agency understands that many nonprofits deal with operational challenges, including restricted budgets and limited access to necessary resources. The program aims to help boost the development efforts of one local 501(c)(3) charity organization by awarding it a new website this summer. Organizations are encouraged to apply for the 2021 Project SRQ award or nominate a nonprofit in need at www.purplefishcreative.com/project-srq from July 1-31, 2021. 

Click here for more information.

[New Program]  Beyond the Dark Experience Returns to Southeastern Guide Dogs

Beyond the Dark invites participants to experience this transformation and connect with the mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs. Tickets are on sale now. “Beyond the Dark helps people see what it’s like for a veteran like me to find help through my service dog, Pella,” said Sean Brown, U.S. Army Veteran and Southeastern Guide Dogs graduate. “I have accomplished so much because of her. She's the inspiration that keeps me going, just like all of our service dogs do for my fellow graduates. The Beyond the Dark experience will give people insight into this and see how truly amazing our dogs are.” Tickets for Beyond the Dark are currently on sale through the Southeastern Guide Dogs website. The cost of admission is $20, and ticket sales go toward mission-critical support for the organization. The first presentation of Beyond the Dark is scheduled for July 13, 2021, at 10am, and it will continue to run weekly.  

Click here for more information.

[Healthcare Careers]  Gulfcoast South AHEC and Blake Medical Center Inspire Future Health Professionals

Gulfcoast South Area Health Education Center (GSAHEC) partnered with Blake Medical Center to welcome twenty-two local high school students interested in becoming health care professionals. The participants had five jam-packed days of virtual guest speakers, a hospital tour, and discussions about financial aid, college options, and the wide variety of health careers. GSAHEC’s Director of Student Programs, Joan Dixon, designed the program, held June 14-18, to provide local high school students interested in health careers a rare and unique opportunity to explore a variety of health care specialties in partnership with Blake Medical Center’s Outreach Coordinator, Cindy Filice.  

Click here for more information.

[New Bill]  New Legislation Will Help Children and Adults Living with FASD

Matching bills proposed by the U.S. Senate and House would fund public health prevention and research for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, or FASD, across agencies within the U.S. “We have a year-long waiting list for our clinic,” said Dr. Kristie Skoglund, CEO of The Florida Center for Early Childhood. “Despite the pervasiveness of the disorder, its prenatal effects on babies are not as well-known as other substances of abuse and therefore resources are very limited.” Skoglund says the new legislation could help to raise awareness about the disorder and possibly expand the number of clinics across the U.S.  

Click here for more information.

[GSAHEC]  Quit Tobacco Today with Free Cessation Sessions

There’s never been a more important time to quit tobacco. 

Gulfcoast South Area Health Education Center, as part of the Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Cessation Program, offers free tobacco cessation sessions to help individuals quit all forms of tobacco.  These group sessions—held virtually and in-person—will assist you with developing your own customized quit plan. Free nicotine replacement therapy in the form of patches, gum or lozenges (if medically appropriate and while supplies last) and follow up support from a trained tobacco treatment specialist are provided with the session. 

Contact us today at 866-534-7909 or visit our page to schedule a class or learn more about the program! 

Learn More Here

[New Show]  The Hermitage Artist Retreat Presents Music Elevating the Soul

Join two of the nation’s leading and most versatile musicians—celebrated pianist and composer Courtney Bryan and renowned harpist Ashley Jackson—as they share their original work and speak about their creative process, Friday, July 30, 6:30pm, at the Hermitage Artist Retreat, 6660 Manasota Key Road, Englewood. Registration is required at HermitageArtistRetreat.org 

Click here for more information.

[New Show]  Key Chorale Unveils Masked in Troubled Times, Virtual Choir and Masterwork Singalong

 When you see the words “virtual choir” you automatically think of a screen full of singing heads. For Key Chorale’s “Masked” in Troubled Times that’s not 100% true. It’s part live performance, part virtual choir and part masterwork singalong. Key Chorale has been at the forefront of finding new ways for audiences and singers to stay engaged during the pandemic and this project does just that.  They have taken their recorded performance of Haydn’s “Mass in Troubled Times,” that  premiered in March, and overlaid a virtual choir of more than 40 additional singers. The whole mass will be premiered Tuesday, June 28 at 7:00pm on Key Chorale’s YouTube channel and will be an opportunity for singers from all over the world to singalong from home.  

Click here for more information.

[New Hire]  Education Foundation of Sarasota County Elects New Board Members

The Education Foundation of Sarasota County announced the addition of four new members to the board of directors.  Steven Krause and Nelle Miller are new community members elected to serve three-year terms. Elizabeth Donofrio, English teacher at Venice High School, was elected as teacher representative and will serve a three-year term. Malissa Maurice, a rising senior at Sarasota High School, will serve as student representative for a one-year term. 

Click here for more information.

[Recognition]  Bentley Law Attorneys Selected for 2021 Super Lawyers and Rising Star Lists

Sarasota-based law firm Bentley Law is pleased to announce that managing partner Morgan R. Bentley, along with Jennifer L. Grosso and David A. Wallace, have been chosen for the 2021 Florida Super Lawyers list. Only five percent of attorneys in Florida receive this distinction. Additionally, out of approximately 100,000 attorneys in Florida, Bentley was named among the top 100. Attorneys Caroleen B. Brej, Brian D. Goodrich and Amanda R. Kison received recognition as Rising Stars, an honor given to less than three percent of the attorneys in Florida.  

Click here for more information.

[Recognition]  Florida Super Lawyers Recognizes Three Attorneys from Blalock Walters

Bradenton-Sarasota, Florida (June 28, 2021) – The law firm of Blalock Walters, P.A. is pleased to announce that three attorneys from Blalock Walters have been selected to the 2021 Florida Super Lawyers list. Each year, no more than five percent of the lawyers in Florida are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor. Fred E. Moore has been selected to the 2021 Florida Super Lawyers list in Business Litigation. Matthew R. Plummer and Jodi M. Ruberg were selected to the 2021 Florida Super Lawyers Rising Stars list.  

Click here for more information.

[In This Issue]  On The Hunt

Zach Frignoca brings the prehistoric past back to life as a professional shark tooth hunter. 

Click here to read the full article in SRQ's May/June 2021 edition.

[SOON]  BUSINESS: Veterans Equine Therapy , July 12 – August 23, 3-5pm

Operation Warrior Resolution has another session of Veterans Equine Therapy starting July 12th. It’s 6 sessions, running each Monday from 3pm-5pm, July 12-August 23 (break on August 9) at InStride Therapy, Inc. in Nokomis, FL. Those veterans who have been apart of this previously say it is  an incredible experience! The program is specifically designed to address veteran specific issues through the use of horses. The horses provide a very unique experience to learn how to become more self-aware, regulate the nervous system response, be in the present moment, build trust, confidence, connection, and more. To join this upcoming session please email at info@operationwarriorresolution.org, 1629 Ranch Rd, Nokomis

Operation Warrior Resolution

[SOON]  BUSINESS: Battle of the Boneless , July 8

They may be spineless but marine mollusks are no pushovers! In fact, the gastropods that live in our oceans have fierce and fascinating lives employing a wide variety of superhero-like powers that make them more than just pretty shells. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is inviting guests to go beyond the beautiful shell to learn the real stories of these cool and complex animals in its newest special exhibition, Battles of the Boneless, opening July 8. This comic-book themed exhibition explores the adaptations that have allowed mollusks to become one of the largest and most diverse animal groups on the planet, with more than 93,000 species. 201 10th St. West, Bradenton

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

[SOON]  GALLERY: Beneath the Surface Exhibition , June 26 – July 30

A solo exhibition of abstract figurative paintings by William Swanson Inspired by the beauty of the coral reef will be open June 26-July 30. His passion for the beauty and mystery of the coral reef has led Bill Swanson to attempt to bring attention to its endangered ecosystem through his paintings. William started scuba diving in 1985 with a trip to Roatan, Honduras. It was not until 1998 that Swanson began studying painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His love of diving has remained, but due to the strenuousness of this sport, he limits his exploration to snorkeling to catch the beauty of underwater life. Memories of the beauty he saw while scuba diving and his continued concern for the underwater environment have been a constant theme in his large paintings. His works are featured in the window and inside the gallery during this solo exhibition. Swanson will be in the gallery for our MEET THE ARTIST event on two consecutive Saturdays, June 26 and July 3 from 10am to 3pm. 1367 Main St., Sarasota 

Art Uptown Gallery

[SOON]  BUSINESS: Beyond the Dark: A Multisensory Experience , July 13, 10am

Come along on a journey as Southeastern Guide Dogs welcomes the public back to campus for Beyond the Dark, a program where attendees will meet graduates, hear their triumphant stories and witness how extraordinary dogs transform lives. Beyond the Dark invites participants to experience this transformation and connect with the mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs. Tickets are on sale now.Through sensory experiences, participants will see what it is like to benefit from a guide or service dog. Graduates will also share the powerful stories that led them to Southeastern Guide Dogs, while instructors will demonstrate the advanced skills of our working dogs.“Beyond the Dark helps people see what it’s like for a veteran like me to find help through my service dog, Pella,” said Sean Brown, U.S. Army Veteran and Southeastern Guide Dogs graduate. “I have accomplished so much because of her. She's the inspiration that keeps me going, just like all of our service dogs do for my fellow graduates. The Beyond the Dark experience will give people insight into this and see how truly amazing our dogs are.”Tickets for Beyond the Dark are currently on sale through the Southeastern Guide Dogs website. The cost of admission is $20, and ticket sales go toward mission-critical support for the organization. The first presentation of Beyond the Dark is scheduled for July 13, 2021, at 10 a.m., and it will continue to run weekly.

Important Details for those Attending:

Masks are optional at this event.
Doors open at 9:45 a.m. and the program begins promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Without revealing any surprises, be prepared to engage your senses and try on a blindfold.
Because of the sensory and emotional nature of the program, Beyond the Dark is not recommended for young children or preteens.
Trigger warning—for veterans and others with PTSD, be aware that Beyond the Dark includes an audio presentation reminiscent of combat scenes.

4210 77th St. East, Palmetto

Southeastern Guide Dogs

[SOON]  MUSIC: Music Elevating the Soul , June 30, 6:30pm

Join two of the nation’s leading and most versatile musicians—celebrated pianist and composer Courtney Bryan and renowned harpist Ashley Jackson—as they share their original work and speak about their creative process, Friday, July 30, 6:30 pm, at the Hermitage Artist Retreat, 6660 Manasota Key Rd., Englewood. Registration is required at HermitageArtistRetreat.org. (Free with a $5 per person registration fee.) Ashley Jackson's Hermitage residency is generously sponsored by The Ruby E. & Carole Crosby Family Foundation.

The Hermitage Artist Retreat , 6630 Manasota Key Rd., Englewood

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: Sarasota County Centennial Celebration , July 1

The Elsie Quirk Library, 100 W. Dearborn St, Englewood, will mark the Centennial with FREE family-friendly festivities including a to-go centennial craft project, historical presentations, and facts, along with cupcakes and a commemorative pin while supplies last.
The North Port Library, 13800 Tamiami Tr, North Port, is offering FREE Centennial Grab and Go Activity Bags for Adults and Seniors. Stop by the Library from July 1st through the 16th to get a bag filled with centennial-themed puzzles and crafts. Bags available while supplies last.
ALL Sarasota County Libraries will be offering FREE Centennial Activity Bags and mini cupcakes while supplies last.

For more information on these Centennial Events along with others, please visit www.sarasotacountycentennial.com/events.

Sarasota Centennial Steering Committee

[SOON]  PERFORMANCE: Florida Studio Theatre: My Lord, What a Night , June 30 – August 15

Next up on FST’s Mainstage is the NNPN Rolling World Premiere of My Lord, What a Night by Deborah Brevoort, an award-winning writer and a member of FST’s Playwright Collective. In 1937, after performing a sold-out concert in Princeton, NJ, internationally renowned singer Marian Anderson was refused a room at the whites-only Nassau Inn. With nowhere to go, Albert Einstein invited her to stay in his own home, sparking a lifelong friendship. Based on actual events, this insightful new play offers a rare glimpse into real-life struggles faced by two 20th century icons. Rolling World Premiere with the National New Play Network. Called “Stunning” and “Provocative” by BroadwayWorld, this historical drama begins playing in FST’s Keating Theatre Wednesday, June 30 and will run through August 15.

[SOON]  SEMINAR: ALSO Youth: Give Youth A Chance , June 30

Save the date for Give Youth A Chance on June 30th, 2021. National Give Out Day is being held the entire month of June 2021. It is our opportunity to reach out to friends and supporters of LGBTQ+ youth in recognizing ALSO Youth. Each donation received during June will qualify ALSO for special cash awards. Make yours count in June. More details coming soon.

[SOON]  FESTIVAL: Suncoast Summer Fest: Southside Village Stroll , June 30, 4pm-9pm

Southside Village Stroll will take place on June 30 from 4pm to 9pm on Hillview St. and S. Osprey Ave. Presented By: Southside Village Business Association and A Celebrate Sarasota Event. For more information please contact Knickole Barger at 941-232-3406 or knickolebarger@gmail.com.

[SOON]  HEALTH: COVID Vaccination Pop Up Clinic at Asolo Rep Theatre , June 7 – July 6

Asolo Rep Theatre will host a FREE Moderna Vaccination Pop-up Clinic. The 1st Moderna shot will be offered on June 7 and the 2nd Moderna shot on July 6. Shots are available to those 18 and older only at this time. If interested you must register with Cameron Thorp Cameron_Thorp@asolo.org OR 941-351-9010 ext 3308. The deadline to register is June 1.

[SOON]  SEMINAR: Virtual: Bookstore1Sarasota: Saying the Unsayable: Innovative Storytelling , June 9 – July 14, 3:30pm-5pm

New College creative writing professor Dr. Emily Carr presents a Zoom writing workshop: Saying the Unsayable: Innovative Storytelling in Jenny Offill’s “Dept. of Speculation” & Other Contemporary Works by Women. This six-part workshop series is offered on Wednesdays, June 9-July 14, 3:30pm to 5pm: June 9, June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7, and July 14. This workshop is open to writers in all genres, as well as those who do not yet identify as writers but want to learn more about the art of storytelling. A fee of $105 is required for participation. This includes a copy of The Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill, and all six Zoom sessions. The cost is $110.50 to have the book shipped. Storytelling projects will arise through the reading of The Dept. of Speculation. Reading and conversation will lead to writing; most of the time will be devoted to creation, generation, recreation, transcendence, experimentation, and other process-oriented exploration. Participants will leave with their own inspiration for storytelling projects, and writerly tips and tricks to translate ideas into stories, poems, essays, and more. More event info at  https://www.sarasotabooks.com/events or 941-365-7900.

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: Sarasota Orchestra: Celebrate the Sounds of Summer , June 10 – July 24

Wear and share your love of Sarasota Orchestra. During the months of June and July, the beautiful music of Sarasota Music Festival and Summer Music Camp fill the air. By purchasing a limited edition T-shirt by July 24, you make it possible for Sarasota Orchestra’s mission to shine through programs like these and provide our musicians with the ability to enrich the community during all four seasons of the year. Help us celebrate the Sounds of Summer by wearing and sharing your love of Sarasota Orchestra with your friends. Thank you for your support of these wonderful programs. T-shirts purchased before June 26 will ship in mid-July. T-shirts purchased from June 27 through July 24 will ship in mid-August.

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: Arlington Park & Aquatic Complex: Summer Swim Lessons, Programming & Extended Hours , May 8 – August 31

The City of Sarasota Parks & Recreation District is increasing the accessibility and enjoyment of swimming at the Arlington Park & Aquatic Complex. From lessons, to extended hours, they have your swimming needs covered. Learn to Swim: This program provides a positive, fun-filled opportunity for youth to learn abilities that will help reduce the number of water accidents and provide lifelong skills in swimming. Swim lessons are geared toward youth ages 6 months to 12 years. Participants will be divided into classes based on their abilities and ages. Sessions offer eight lessons for a registration fee of $65. Parent & Me classes are offered in a four-week session consisting of four lessons on Saturday mornings for $35. Adding to Arlington Park & Aquatic Complex’s Aquatic Programming is the Aqua Blast Class. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday for a steady paced cardio exercises mixed with weights and resistance training. This new class is a great way to burn calories just before lunch time. Non-swimmers welcomed, as this class is in our 3-foot Water Instructional Pool. Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 11 from 10am to 10:45am. Ages 18 and up are welcome, and classes are $3 each. Purchase a 5-Class Pack for $55. Registration Deadline: Mondays prior to Tuesday class and Wednesday prior to Thursday class. Call 941-263-6732 or register on eTrak: https://www.letsplaysarasota.com/program-guide/online-registration/how-to-register. Starting May 8 Arlington Park & Aquatic Complex will be open on Saturdays. Reservations are available on the hour between 11am and 4pm. The high diving board is closed, but the low diving board will be available. Reservations for Saturday swim are now available on eTrak: https://www.letsplaysarasota.com/program-guide/online-registration/how-to-register.

[SOON]  GRAB BAG: Motorworks Yappy Hour to Benefit Friends of Manatee County Animal Services , February 21 – December 19, 1pm-4pm

Friends of Manatee County Animal Services (FoMCAS) invites everyone to join them at the February Yappy Hour at Motorworks Brewery. FoMCAS will be the featured nonprofit and will have over $4000 in raffles and silent auction items plus a 50/50 drawing to help fundraise for the Manatee County Animal Services shelter animals. The family friendly and pet friendly event will be held on Sunday, February 21st in the Motorworks Beer Garden from 1pm to 4pm. The event will feature vendors selling an array of pet and non-pet related products with drink specials and food from local food trucks all in the 12,000 sq ft. artificially turfed beer garden. Raffles and silent auction items include resort stays on Anna Maria Island, spa packages, restaurant gift cards, sailing excursions, fabulous gift baskets, pet items, tickets to sporting events and a golf package, handmade arts by local artisans, jewelry, baskets of spirits, gourmet gift packages, and much, much more. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their leashed pets to enjoy the day and help contribute to the Friends of Manatee County Animal Services whose mission it is to work hand in hand with Manatee County Animal Services to enrich the lives of the shelter animals by raising funds to provide additional resources, medical care and heartworm treatment. Animal Network is the event partner with Motorworks Brewery for the monthly Yappy Hour held on the third Sunday of each month. It features different local nonprofit animal organizations that support, rescue, and find loving homes for dogs and cats in our community. Each month, the guest organization receives the funds raised through the silent auction, raffles and 50/50 split drawing. Over the last three years the event has raised over $100,000 shared among the various guest organizations. Animal Network, Dawg Phonics and Motorworks are sponsors of the Yappy Hour.

[SOON]  SCIENCE AND NATURE: Mote Marine: Rise and Shine Morning Paddle: Kayaking with Mote , June 15 – August 24, 7:30am-9am

Start your morning with a guided kayak tour of Sarasota Bay Staring June 15 and until August 24 from 7:30am to 9am. Paddle across shallow seagrass beds and take in the wildlife that depends on this ecosystem. Soak up some early rays as we look for dolphins, manatees, birds and more. Ages: 12 and older ONLY (no minors under the age of 12 are permitted); any participant under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a paying adult participant. Tickets are $36 for members and $40 for non-members. 

SRQ Media Group

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