Little Burger Vitamins from Tasty Home Cookin

Good Bite

They say bigger is better but when it comes to burgers, bigger is just bigger. Burgers are, frankly, stacked too high nowadays with absurd claims to fame like: fried eggs, donuts for buns, the meat of every living quadruped or foie gras as a topping. Things are out of control in a world that changes from second to second. Fortunately, places like Tasty Home Cookin still exist.

Located in the shopping plaza on the Northwest corner of Tuttle and Bee Ridge, the diner has held on tightly to simpler times. Cheap, hearty and served with a smile, their mini burgers, which they affectionately call “tastys” and come in adorable groups of three, are so good that the restaurant advertises their $3.79 price on the outside of the building. They come with fried onions and pickles on top of good old fashioned 100% chuck, with fluffy little burger buns similar to Hawaiian rolls. Like little burger vitamins, they are the cure for the existential dread that characterizes the modern world.

But don’t just take my word for it. A Google reviewer that goes only by “R” says, “the tasty burger is a wonder of the Western world. God, I LOVE this slider.” Well said, R.

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