Fifth Third Bank's new regional president, Jim Weiss


Jim Weiss may be new to South Florida, but he already knows his way around the state. As the new regional president for Fifth Third Bank, Weiss brings a decade of experience in Florida banking. 

Weiss began his time in Florida as a senior commercial banker in Fifth Third’s North Florida region and Tampa’s city president. Most recently, he was a credit risk executive with oversight for middle market, business banking, wealth and asset management, treasury management, dealer floorplan and asset-based lending.

Though he has only been on the job in South Florida since June, Weiss has quickly taken to the region. “I’ve been amazed at how open and accepting the community is with people moving into the market. People have reached out and been supportive personally and professionally,” said the Midwest native, who has been with Cincinnati-based Fifth Third since 2007.


How has your experience in Florida banking with Fifth Third helped in your transition?

I’ve had the opportunity to run almost every line of business in my 15 years with the bank. My experience across all those lines has prepared me for this role, including the past one and a half years as a credit risk executive, which gave me a unique perspective on what was going on across all of our regions and exposed me to best practices. It also gave me an understanding of the regulatory environment. 


Fifth Third has often been recognized for its charitable efforts. Why is community service important?

In 1948, we became the first financial institution to establish a charitable foundation. We know we can help create better lives by giving donations and time, especially around causes supporting financial literacy, homeownership and reemployment, veterans’ affairs and sustainability.


Fifth Third is committed, not only through the financial support we provide as an organization, but also through volunteer hours. We contributed $3.6 billion in Florida in 2020, and locally, we have worked with many organizations. 

It’s an exciting place to call home, and I am enjoying being part of what is happening currently in South Florida and what is to come.


Fifth Third Bank, National Association. Member FDIC.

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