Vital For Your Winter Water Wardrobe


Photo courtesy of Keera Belviy, @vitalwetsuits

Winter is fast approaching in the Sarasota area, lowering the gulf temperature, and calling for wetsuits in order to stay in the water. Founded locally by gulf coast gurfer (girl surfer), Keera Belviy left her long-time career as a hairstylist to create Vital Wetsuits. Built on a passion to bring all-inclusive, grassroots water apparel to the community and industry, the collection caters to women of all shapes, sizes and body types, and, is specifically designed—while keeping the planet in mind—for the temperatures of the Gulf. 

“Being a tall, full-figured woman myself, I was inspired to design wetsuits and swimwear that complimented my frame,” says Belviy. “I knew I couldn't be the only one that had an issue finding proper fitting water apparel. I find it truly essential in this day in age that there be a surf brand showcasing all water women in their truest form.”  

And on top of being a body positive brand, Vital Wetsuits remains mindful of its environmental impact and carbon footprintshipping all over North America without plastic packaging. Sustainably-made from Yulex, a stretchy textile similiar to neoprene, Belviy sources the FSC-certified renewable material made from rubber trees, noting, she didn't want to contribute to more pollution if she can avoid it. Traditional limestone neoprene, she shares, uses 23x times more kilowatts to manufacturer. Meanwhile, the suit's lining is made from recycled polyester and laminated with solvent free, water-based glue. 

In the collection, turn your attention to the signature Premium Wetsuit Leggings. Equipped with a key pocket, these 2mm-thick leggings prove “vital” to your water adventures when water temps soon dip below 70°F but you still want to go out paddleboarding, diving or surfing.

Comfortable. Warm. Eco-minded. Chic. Functional. All the traits a woman water enthusiast could want in a wetsuit. Your thin Floridian blood will thank you the first cold snap of the season.

Photo courtesy of Keera Belviy, @vitalwetsuits

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