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Photo courtesy of Crisp Waffle Company

What comes to mind when you think of waffles? Probably maple syrup. Maybe blueberries. Possibly even whipped cream. But what about avocados? Sounds almost blasphemous, right? Well, not for Crisp Waffle Company, where they are pushing the boundaries on what to put on waffles—and succeeding at it. 

Crisp Waffle Company is a new restaurant in St. Armands Circle. Owned and operated by Todi Garay, this restaurant offers thick, fluffy Belgian waffles, but with some unexpected twists. You’ve heard of chicken and waffles, but avocado and waffles? Crisp Waffle Company offers, what they call, the Lido Avocado.  This menu item begins with the restaurant's signature Liege waffle a waffle crafted from a dough made fresh, in-house every day with ingredients imported from Belgium, including Belgain Pearl Sugrar, which is mixed into the dough before cooking. This delicious creation is then covered in cheese—which is melted—and finished with a creamy avocado spread. The cherry on top? A hint of tangy lime. And if avocados aren’t your thing, don’t fret. You can still try some out-of-the box waffles at Crisp Waffles Company. They offer the Monte Cristo On the Beach—a sandwich comprising Liege waffles filled with turkey, blackforest ham, melted cheese and a sweet berry jam—and your quintessential chicken and waffles—a Liege waffle served with a piece of crispy, fried chicken, provided by Whiskey Barrel, perched on top and garnished with your choice of maple syrup or berry jam. 

Gone is the day when waffles were nothing more than the crispier, thicker and oftentimes overlooked sibling of the pancake. We now welcome a new day and age in which they are free to become sandwiches, toast, and even serving vessels for fried chicken. 

Crisp Waffle Company, 17 Fillmore Dr, Sarasota, St Armands Circle,, @crispwaffleco

Photo courtesy of Crisp Waffle Company

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