GOP Fight is Never Over


Tuesday’s massive victories for Republicans in Sarasota County and Florida show that Florida has become a rock-solid red state, and that Sarasota County is a foundation of that success.

During his visit to Sarasota Sunday, Governor Ron DeSantis said thanked local party leaders for working hard to really make this county one of the Republican engines of the State of Florida.

Today was the result of years-long voter registration efforts here on the ground that has given us a nearly 50,000-registered-voter lead over Democrats, and a well-oiled machine working hard to inform, equip and turn out voters. When that is mixed with such strong candidates from Governor DeSantis to all of our local Republicans, we have a formula that has paid off.

However, one thing we have learned as we have created a passionate and efficient party in Sarasota County, making the county ever more red, is that the fight is never over. We will celebrate this huge victory and then we will immediately begin strategizing how to do even better in 2024.

Jack Brill is acting chair of the Republican Party of Sarasota.

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