Thirty years ago, Dr. Kay Glasser believed it was possible to build a campus that would help to improve the quality of life for all people in our region. Today, agencies on the campus serve over 26,000 people in need every year. We believe in the power of collective impact to make real change pos- sible. It’s happening every day on our Campus of Caring.

1988- Dr. Glasser, Alex & Betty Schoenbaum, and many community partners break ground on the Center after three years of gathering support.

1990- The Center, then named The Betty & Alex Schoenbaum Human Services Center, opens its doors.

1993- The mortgage is paid off, and they celebrate with a Mortgage Burning.

1998- Dr. Glasser is awarded Gov. Lawton Chiles’ Heartland Award for long-term commitment and service to the community.

2003- Over 13,000 people in need were served annually.

2014- The Sally & Sam Shapiro Babies & Children’s Medical Center opens on the campus, serving 3,000 children/year.

2017- The Center’s position as a hub for human services enabled a study that reaches into our local network for a look at the big picture, paving the way for system-wide improvement, making real change possible.

2019- Saved an estimated $7.5 million in 30-year history to agencies on the campus, maximizing resources and making connections.