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MONTHLY Cover to cover, page after page, SRQ gets it. A smart perspective paired with crisp design that is miles ahead of the pack, SRQ chronicles and reflects Sarasota’s emergence as a dynamic cosmopolitan community. Balancing articulate journalism with modern design, SRQ informs, guides and engages audiences who value an influential relationship with their community. Editorial credibility and authentic local ownership has led SRQ to become our region’s leading authority, indispensable guide and award-winning city magazine for affluent and influential audiences. At SRQ, we are passionate about writing because we know our readers are passionate about reading. Our job as literary matchmakers is only accomplished when we successfully connect people who love to read with magazines that they get excited about. We strive to produce stories that put a smile on our reader’s face because they feel that they could relate to the content, or that it was written “just for them”. SRQ is Sarasota’s magazine, because it is fashioned by people who, just like their readers, take a keen interest in being a part of this wonderful place we call home. By constantly capturing the changing trends of an emerging metropolitan mentality supported by multi-generational influence, SRQ is the market leader in content for those who crave “the real thing”. Monthly Readership: 78,000

Best Overall Magazine—2008, 2009, 2010, 2012—Florida Magazine Association

LUX MAGAZINE | Gulf Coast Luxury Homes and Living

ANNUAL  LUX: Gulfcoast Luxury Homes and Living serves as the definitive guide to living and enjoying “la dolce vita” the sweet life, on the west coast of Florida. LUX radiates amongst readers who engage in personal exploration and pleasurable living. The pristine content provided in this publication emphasizes the richness of a “choice” experience. LUX features an editorial blend of exotic destinations, homes, items and accessories that epitomize the eminence of lavish living. LUX explores the beauty and excitement of the world beyond, highlighting the unique and idyllic locations that able travelers desire to visit, offering awe-inspiring pictures to accompany the enlightening descriptions provided. LUX seizes the sharp edges of modern architecture in some of the most sophisticated residences around, emphasizes the importance of power with superior automobiles, yachts and jets, and admires the elegance of coveted jewels worn by the elite members of society. Inducted into SRQ Media Group’s portfolio in 2007, LUX is available in select bookstores, resorts and retail outlets throughout the Gulfcoast area. Additionally, LUX is annually distributed to homes in ultra-luxury neighborhoods and communities, such as: Longboat Key, Bird Key, Casey Key, North Lido Shores, Harbor Acres, The Oaks, Siesta Key, Anna Maria Island, Country Club of Lakewood Ranch and the water-view properties in downtown Sarasota. Publish Date: Annually in February

Best Custom Magazine, 2009—Florida Magazine Association


ANNUAL SRQ ACCESS is Sarasota and Bradenton’s most dependable visitors and newcomer’s guide, reaching the greatest number of guests at lodging establishments throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties, and featuring the most exceptional content about the surrounding area. SRQ ACCESS is annually distributed to over 400 different hotels, resorts, luxury condos and rental homes, as well as other accommodations. SRQ ACCESS serves as an in-room compendium to many of the most desirable properties throughout the area, including ResortQuest, the Hyatt Regency Sarasota and the Holiday Inn SRQ Airport, all of which share a select partnership with SRQ Media Group. The perfect mix of local history book, geographical reference and sophisticated street guide, this publication captures an audience of over 1.6 million room night occupants each year. For new locals and visitors looking to familiarize themselves with the area, SRQ ACCESS gives them low-down on where to go, what to do, and when to do it, as well as suggesting the most efficient ways to make it happen. SRQ ACCESS provides the opportunity for a well-organized trip at the tip of your fingers – and it practically finds you.Inside our pages you can find out how serious Sarasota is about food, with over 200 listings for local restaurants and shops. We give advice for shopping around downtown, through sidewalks lined with modish boutiques; we make it easy to get lost in trans-fashion. It’s no secret that our beaches impress, and SRQ ACCESS can direct you to the most popular points, hidden gems and relaxing destinations that we know you’ll appreciate. The adventure is yours; we just make it more fun and convenient. Publish Date: Annually in January.

#1 Visitors Annual in Florida, 2009—Florida Magazine Association


DAILY DIGITAL  Wake up to your daily dose of buzz in Sarasota and stay connected with other “influentials” in the area. SRQ DAILY is the original local e-newsletter, delivered directly to email in-boxes every morning with a hearty mix of original content to provide you with top-of-the-mind information about the place that you live and love. Find out about up-to-date business news, delectable-dining spots, fashionable shopping, arts and culture, as well as exciting things to do around town. Since launching in 2005, SRQ DAILY has succeeded in capturing the attention of Sarasota’s most engaged daily audience by bringing together advertisers with active readers, creating a recipe for prime exposure within a vibrant, news-format environment. SRQ DAILY is a one-of-a-kind value for the members of our community. Unlike many other e-newsletters, which show limited content with links that re-direct readers to the companies website in order to read the full article, our newsletter delivers the whole story to your email browser for a more convenient read that is easily accessible. SRQ DAILY encourages a social networking platform that expands the reach of advertiser messaging by getting readers involved in sharing stories through Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. The readers of SRQ DAILY are comprised of an exclusive and illustrious group of leading socialites, business professionals, local political and government officials, as well as the intellectually absorbed “average” citizen. Our readers are those that seek to be the first “in the know”, and they are those that will then spread the ideas and information beyond the publications primary reach. While the editorial content is demanded by a more specific demographic, getting involved on a regular basis is encouraged to all those who want to expand their local awareness. Publish Daily Every Morning.


WEBSITE  Launched in July of 2014, this vibrant platform engages viewers in dynamic storytelling, multimedia experiences and data archives. Banner sponsorship opportunities available. Cameo marketing sections also available for purchase.

SRQ Signature Events

SB2:Big Ideas  Regional Symposium Breakfast Series  

SB2 is a community and business initiative featuring a series of collaborative symposiums on key regional issues and topics. SB2 focuses on the collaboration between Sarasota and Bradenton and catalyzes relevant and future-focused regional dialogue through a special keynote speaker and facilitated panel discussion with representatives from both counties on topics impacting our regional economy: from education to philanthropy from economic development to workforce development, from healthcare to aging and from manufacturing to the development of the cultural arts.  SB2 includes breakfast symposium in Sarasota. When you become a member, you will also be invited to join us for the SB2 Rumbles, which feature a debate format on a vibrant community issue hosted at the Powel Crosley Mansion.

Visit SRQSB2.COM for the full schedule and to purchase season tickets.

SRQ GOOD | GALA: October 7, 2017 at the Historic Sarasota Opera House  

SRQ magazine officially presents the SRQ GOOD | GALA – Cultural Season Kickoff and Masquerade featuring the inaugural Independent Spirit Awards, recognizing non-profit innovation through the creativity of our region’s premier performing and visual arts institutions. We will announce the winners of the Independent Spirit Awards recognizing local non-profits for their work. Watch as our artists bring these "giving back" stories to life in movement, song and dance on the main stage. Join us at the Historic Sarasota Opera House in downtown Sarasota for an evening of giving good stories highlighted by curated performances of live music, contemporary dance, circus arts and visual art installations. 

Tickets are $125 per person and available at SRQGALA.COM.


SRQ Gives Back Partnerships and Sponsorships

The SRQ Gives Back initiative acts as a connector between various sectors of the community and our readers. Forging reciprocal ongoing partnerships with community organizations, businesses and nonprofits through continual conversation and support, SRQ is constantly on the look out for ways in which to connect its partners with opportunity. Whether it is jumping on-board to help with a capital campaign or fundraiser, connecting partners with other companies in a complementary relationship,  or brainstorming about effective marketing and promotional strategies, SRQ partnerships are creative promotional networking sessions that do not end. We focus on the long term; ultimately, what benefits our partners, benefits us. 

SRQ Gives Back – Media Sponsorships
SRQ Gives Back, a program of the SRQ Gives Back Division, forms strategic alliances with not-for-profit and charitable organizations to connect them with the SRQ audience, engage support for their missions, and collaborates with each in a strategic way to ensure success for their goals.  As a facilitator for growth and market health  in the community, SRQ is invested in ensuring the economic prosperity and positive brand image  of our nonprofit partners so they can continue to do the good work that benefits so many. 

SRQ Story ProjectAnnual Synergistic Partnership with Non-Profits
The Story Project, a program of the SRQ Media Gives Back initiative, represents a deep-dive partnership with local non-profit organizations to establish brand resonance, engage audience development, and target specific points of awareness through the art and science of storytelling. The SRQ Gives Back team works hand-in-hand with participating non-profits through with a year-long commitment beginning with an engagement workshop where stakeholders from the organization meet with the SRQ team to identify opportunities for collaborative work.

As a locally grown and locally owned company, the staff at SRQ Media Group lives and works here –just like you. We want to ensure that our area retains and develops the healthy and vibrant economic, social, arts and education environment upon which we depend. Because of this commitment, SRQ Media uses the tools we have developed as a media company to make sure we take a leadership role in this realization.