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“Sparrows and Swallows: Tattoo'd every 5,000 nautical miles as a blessing. For no matter how far a swallow may travel, the swallow will always find its way home.” Jack Dusty’s spring cocktail program contains many such aphorisms—snippets of seafaring and tattoo lore that play up the maritime spirit of both the menu and the venue itself. With nautical, vibrantly colored undersea illustrations done by Oddity tattoo artist Ambarish “Ambo” Hendon (think mighty ships traversing an angry sea, mermaidens and tentacled monsters), the new menu begins with a question, begging bar-goers to cite their name, hometown and spirit, texture, spice, flavor and fruit of choice—those behind the bar will handle the rest. And, indeed, you’ll be in able hands (nay, nimble tattooed biceps) with bar manager Candice Marie, a lovely and insanely knowledgeable companion for your maiden voyage. Ask her about the smoky Leblon reserva especial cachaça she mixes with Cuban-style Matusalem rum and a dash of nutmeg for the Solid Wall of Sound; pick her brain as to the correct way to froth egg whites for the Southern Hospitality (hint: dry shake, then wet); inquire as to how she creates the sumptuous hand-made strawberry cordial in the Sonic Bloom; finally, ask her for a Lily Rose to accompany your breakfast and await an icy rose suspended amid sweet fizz to appear at your lips. Not only are Jack Dusty’s new libations spectacular, but the crew ‘aint so bad either.

Clockwise: Lily Rose, Solid Wall of Sound, Sonic Bloom, Southern Hospitality.

Jack Dusty at the Ritz-Carlton, 1111 Ritz Carlton Dr., Sarasota, 941-309-2266.

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