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While our hands have enabled us to conquer the world (shout-out to the thumb and the evolutionary beauty of the opposable grip), when stuck with nothing to do, they can often become a hindrance. They hang there like little meat puppets, looking for something to poke, something to touch, something to play with. Everyone’s been there—the office meeting gone too long, the dinner guest with the interminable story—and you just need something to take your hands and mind far from the soul-crushing tedium of life’s commercial break. Enter the Spinner Squad. Created by Top Trenz, this little fidgety widget has taken the market by storm in all age groups and over at Toy Lab on Main Street they can barely keep them in stock thanks to both high demand and sticky fingers. The height of simplicity, a metal frame and four bearings (the same type used in high performance race cars) provide endless spinning fun harkening back to the simple mechanical addictions of childhood, when tinker toys and hand-me-down tools still held sway. Easy to pocket, easy to use and hard to break, it’s perfect for the board room or the classroom (and marketed as an aide for multiple attention deficit disorders). Offered in a multitude of designs, from sports team mascots to the ever-popular Blue Flame, find the perfect fidget fashion for you.

Photo by Phil Lederer.

Toy Lab, 1529 Main St., Sarasota, 941-363-0064.

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