Sarasota Christian Wins 1st at State Competition at Odyssey of the Mind

Sarasota Christian School


We all have certain vivid memories from our high school years—amazing moments of both triumph and challenge. For seven junior and senior high school students at Sarasota Christian School (SCS), one of their highlights is anything but ordinary. Representing Sarasota, Sarasota Christian School placed first at the Florida state competition of Odyssey of the Mind and proceeded to place fourth overall in the world competition held this past May at Michigan State University.  This isn’t their first time either—Sarasota Christian School won six state championships previously and placed in the top ten of the world finals five times. Odyssey Of The Mind is an opportunity for student’s kindergarten through college to come together in teams of seven to creatively solve problems. Choosing one of five questions, SCS’s students utilize their four C’s—creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking— to come up with a solution. From three-hour Sunday practices, to traveling to the annual competition destination, SCS Superintendent Ryan Lehman notes how important volunteer parents are in helping the students train, prepare and perform at this annual competition - truly proven to be a community effort. To top off the exciting win, SCS’s team nominated their own team member Tony Colton for the Omer’s Award which recognizes an exemplary role model. Tony was awarded with an emotional standing ovation after having been battling cancer for six years. We couldn’t be more excited to congratulate SCS in this tremendous accomplishment.

Unfortunately, a beloved member of SCS’s Oddessy of The Mind Team and winner of the Omer Award Tony Colton passed away on July 30th, 2017 after his long and hard battle with cancer. Tony will always be remembered as an outstanding student and person. Our deepest condolences to him, his family and all effected. “He was always looking to figure out how he could help somebody else or how he could make a difference in the life of somebody else. That to me is one of the most remarkable things about him. He used his life and he had a mission to help others and to improve their lives.” —Superintendent Ryan Lehman.

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Sarasota Christian School

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