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You miss the buzz this week? We’ll loop you in so you’re not on Queen B’s bad side (the back side). Avoid the stinger and help celebrate National Honey Bee Awareness Day today—building community awareness of the importance of the apiary industry and to honor bees' as a critical species, contributing to our ecosystem and wellbeing on a daily basis. And cheers to the beekeepers and farmers born to bee wild—your labors ensure we have little dudes thrive on the hive to pollinate our crops for growth. Experts say one of every three bites of food we eat depends on pollination, so if bees ghosted us—say sayonara to apples, cucumbers, avocado, onions, coffee, blueberries and almonds (just to name a few). And lest we forget the viscous sweetness boosting our green tea and berry smoothie with tonsil cuddling flavor in addition to all its natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and nutrients.

While purchasing honey raw over pasteurized is worth a nod, local raw is the real way to go—containing pollen specific to our area, therefore minimizing seasonal allergies and illnesses. Thankfully there’s no shortage of golden goo making VIP appearances at local grocers, farmers markets and specialty delis around Sarasota, Bradenton and Myakka City. Covet indigenous delights from family-owned operations like Old Florida Bee Company, My Sweetest Honey, Heritage Bee Farm and Sarasota Honey Company.

Sarasota Honey Company goes well beeyond the honeycomb and creates all kinds of products celebrating the sassy insect—from tea towels, potholders, oven mitts and aprons decorating the kitchen with charming “Bee Happy” prints, to silver or gold jewelry adorned with flowers and bumble bees. Reap the benefits of their 100% cotton-wicked, beeswax candles—natural air purifiers economical, environmentally-friendly and chemical-free. The candles burn a pure, clean flame that’ll pique your olfactory senses and come carved in shapes like a pineapple or bear snacking on honey. Plump up your cracked, dry lips with their beeswax lip balm, while enjoying all-natural scrubs, body creams, soaps and bath bombs—handmade from scratch with earthy scents, organic oils and you guessed it, raw honey. Sarasota Honey Company is also proud to offer the purchase of Hive Kits to start your own apiary farm—complete with all your essential supplies to join the beekeeping community of Florida Suncoast. The kits are geared specifically for the Southeast U.S. climate and carry only products proven to be the most successful in our region. And whether you’re simply a hobbyist or commercial beekeeper, battle busy bumblers with a ventilated jacket, gloves, vented hat with veil and all the tools to stay stung-free!

Celebrate the creatures of yellow and black attire today by heading over to Sarasota Honey Company’s brand new location to shop its wide range of products and take a free tour of their garden for the real hive-five experience.

Photo provided by Sarasota Bee Company.

2227 University Pkwy, Sarasota, 941-726-8755.

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