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With the imminent arrival of PINC 2018 on December 6, once again promising a day full of passionate speakers covering a broad and varied range of topics, SRQ went behind the scenes with a few of these incoming artists, activists and entrepreneurs for a quick taste of what’s to come. An author, consultant and public speaker, Kathy Bryan is also a survivor of human trafficking. Today she works with medical professionals, law enforcement, nonprofits and more across the country to bring an end to human trafficking.

SRQ: Why did you want to come to Sarasota and spend time with this audience in particular? Greenberg: Not only was I honored to be included, but I was drawn to the celebration of people. Humans and their diverse, intriguing, creative differences are truly our world's most precious resource. PINC celebrates people. I love people. Seems like a terrific match to me, and there honestly isn't one audience I would take a pass on sharing the truths of trafficking with, because everyone needs to know.

What is the biggest myth or misunderstanding about human trafficking that you come across most often? It doesn't happen here. Human trafficking doesn't exist in my community/neighborhood/school, etc. The truth is it occurs everywhere—every country, city and town. The other big myth is that we should be worried about kidnapping. The truth is only 5% of the trafficking in America originates with kidnapping.

Do you believe we are winning the fight against human trafficking? I believe we are making a difference. I believe that we can continue to do better and we can mitigate the number of people it happens to. If we truly want to end it, we have to live in a world that honors people, all people. One in which we live the truth that your freedom ends only when it infringes upon mine.

Pictured: Kathy Bryan. Photo courtesy of PINC Sarasota.

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