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With the imminent arrival of PINC 2018 on December 6, once again promising a day full of passionate speakers covering a broad and varied range of topics, SRQ went behind the scenes with a few of these incoming artists, activists and entrepreneurs for a quick taste of what’s to come. As cofounder of Bee Saving Paper, Anna Gadecka looks to save our bumbling and buzzing buddies with new biodegradable food sources to combat loss of bee-friendly environments.

SRQ: Why did you want to come to Sarasota and spend time with this audience in particular? Gadecka: First of all, Bee Saving Paper is already a global brand, so it’s kind of natural for me to go global with it in every aspect. Second thing is that I discovered that PINC conference sounds really interesting. I checked past speakers and all of them have inspiring stories to tell. I believe the audience at PINC searches also for inspirations and creativity. Also the more people to talk about bees the better.

How did you fall in love with bees? Were you ever scared of them as a child, like so many are? Unfortunately I can’t tell here how i fall in love with bees because that’s the beginning of my presentation. Generally, bees are not only crucial to our survival but also fascinating creatures. Of course, I am scared of bees. As most children, I was scared of them during my childhood. I think I’m still scared of them a bit, but I think I’m much more scared of dragonflies han bees, despite the fact that they’re beautiful.

What is your favorite bee fact? My favourite bee fact is that a bumblebee during pollination creates a frequency equal to the middle C note. That’s unbelievable.

Pictured: Anna Gadecka. Photo courtesy of PINC Sarasota.

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