Alfstad& Editions Opens Tonight in the Rosemary District

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Although Alfstad& Contemporary may have closed its doors, the creative forces behind it remain in the Rosemary, as owner Sam Alfstad and studio manager Chris Schumaker redirect their energies a mere two doors down at the newly opened Alfstad& Editions. A community-minded studio and collaborative space with a special emphasis on printmaking, the versatile undertaking will offer everything from professional printing services to introductory classes—all while serving as exhibition and gathering space for creatives. “It’s all about community,” says Schumaker of this latest venture. “Everybody can learn and make a print and have fun.” And the fun begins tonight with an opening reception from 5pm to 8pm.

Featuring an exhibition of 50 framed prints, as well as a silkscreen demonstration and plenty of works on paper to sift through, Alfstad& Editions’ printmaking focus is front and center from the get-go. And equipped with silkscreens and massive digital printers and all manner of specialized equipment, the truth is that Alfstad& Editions is also itself a print shop all its own. Not merely a place to display prints, within these walls, Schumaker will pursue his own printmaking, collaborate with visiting artists, create commissioned orders and even lead introductory and safety classes for people looking to dip their toes in these inky waters. And for artists who need no introduction or assistance, the machines and space are available for rent.

In large part, that’s what it’s all about—space. Space to create and space to collaborate. Schumaker still remembers trying to make prints at home, exposing silk screens in the shower and washing them with the garden hose out back, and appreciates what it means to have dedicated space available for an aspiring artist. And with four iMac workstations and plenty of room to spare, photographers and other artists can find a place to fit in at Alfstad& Editions as well.

“It’s always a creative space,” says Schumaker. “Whether you want to paint in the courtyard out back, make a print or just talk to other creatives, this is the place.”

Alfstad& Editions opens tonight at 1421 5th Street, with a reception from 5pm to 8pm.

Pictured: Prints on display at Alfstad& Editions. Photo courtesy of Chris Schumaker.

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