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Shelve the Cuervo and Patron...time to go on ‘hiatus’ with the newest, truest, no-frills tequila on the market. The minimalist, yet satiable collection of natural tequila goes back to sacred Aztec roots. Reminding us the way tequila should taste—naturally clean yet complex—easily enjoy it sipped neat, savored on the rocks or craftly collaborated with in a cocktail. Launching with a Blanco, Reposado and Añejo, Hiatus is made from 100% Blue Weber roasted agave, allowing this sustainable and sumptuous spirit to fully mature for up to eight years and properly ripen, before being distilled and distributed to thirsty imbibers looking for a wedge of lime and a pinch of salt.

Produced just outside the town of Tequila, Jalisco in collaboration with a third-generation award-winning tequila family, La Cofradía’s plantation breaks a sweat on the edge of an extinct volcano whose porous foundation acts as a natural filter for the spring water used to distill Hiatus’ tequila. La Cofradía family’s traditional and sustainable practices of crushing roasted agave with custom-made press extractors (think giant corkscrew), squeezing all the sweet meat and nectarous fibers out of the plant, caught the eye of Hiatus Founder Kristopher DeSoto. Pressing rather than pulverizing the agave allows smoother, rounder flavors to come through in the end product we all know now as going on Hiatus.

“We’ve created a tequila with full transparency,” says DeSoto. “We ensure that the spirit in the bottle is a true expression of what tequila should be by using only fully mature agave, taking our time to cook them slowly in masonry ovens, and double distilling to maintain the earthy agave notes that make Tequila unique, before filtering out the unsavory finish that defines many tequilas. It may be a slower process, but we prefer quality over speed. The flavors and aromas are untampered with, unadulterated. Nothing added, nothing is taken away.”

Hiatus makes its debut across several leading local restaurants, bars and liquor stores. Interrupting us from the monotony of day-to-day, Hiatus is saturating the Sarasota scene to inspire us all to take a break, seek balance and pursue good times.

Find locally at Sarasota Yacht Club, Embassy Suites, Ruth’s Chris, Daiquiri Decks, Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Crescent Club, Sage Restaurant, Captain Curt’s Oyster Bar & Sniki Tiki, Evie’s Main and Bee Ridge, MADE Restaurant, White Buffalo Saloon, The Office Bar SRQ, Spanish Point Restaurant & Tiki Bar, Five O’Clock Club, Veronica Fish & Oyster, Pacific Rim, Plaza Mexico, Siesta Spirits and Sarasota Wine & Liquor.

Currently only available in New York, Florida and online.

Photo courtesy of Hiatus Tequila

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