Siesta Promenade A Poor Place



We are very unhappy with the proposed development of Siesta Promenade, proposed by Benderson. As full year residents of Siesta Key, south end by Turtle Beach, we are extremely concerned about traffic, especially in February, March, and April.

Right now traffic at that time of year is a nightmare.

Here is our story: Twice, at mid morning, while sitting STILL in a line of traffic on Midnight Pass heading north, we have had to cancel doctor appointments. We were unable to get off the Key, had to turn around and return home.

During those months when I did get off the Key to shop for groceries, traffic was backed up on Stickney Point and Tamiami both directions, completely blocking the intersection. It took us 45 minutes to make a 10-minute trip home from that corner. Consider the waste of gas and the pollution of the air.

This is our personal experience NOW, before more development on a corner where infrastructure does not support current seasonal traffic, no matter what any traffic study has shown. 

There are more issues concerning traffic on MPR: difficulty in making left turns onto the road into and out of shopping areas and rental units; construction trucks blocking traffic north and south when doing work in season; and driving north from the south bridge on the island… we feel for those owners and renters who must endure the nightmare.

We foresee more accidents and more frustration on the roads, which could affect our insurance rates.

We believe Sarasota County Commissioners should consider full time residents’ personal experiences living on the Key, surrounding areas, and the experience of tourists, before deciding on this project which will add more traffic to an already overly stressed driving situation.

Louise and Stu Mathewson live on Siesta Key.

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