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While the northern territories of America are shifting to warm, fall beverage treats like apple ciders and pumpkin spice lattes, Floridians still have the excuse to cool down outside with a refreshing frozen dessert. Newly added to her sought-after juice truck, SaraFresh invites strollers to stop by for a spoonful of splendid. Founder Lynn Morris recently got into making her own vegan ice creams, with salubrious flavors like watermelon, lavender coconut and ube yam. And to step things up, Morris is submerging her creations with another plant-based female icon in the community, Aneta Lundquist, founder of 221 B.C. Kombucha. The two girlboss recipes combined forces to create a local phenomena, known as a kombucha float. 

221 B.C.’s organic and vegan tea fermentations diminishes the need for sugar and optimizes on the naturally-occurring organic acids, probiotics and live enzymes, such as “scoby.” Scoby, as many avid booch drinkers or brewers may know, is actually an acronym: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast—providing your gut with an endless stream of health benefits including help with digestion, inflammation, weight loss and fighting off illness. So before temps “cool” too much, and the seasonal fall cold starts going around the office, fill your cup with a sweet scoop of raw nutrition, floated by some detoxifying fizzy liquid. 

Now available at the SaraFresh Juice truck at the Downtown Sarasota Saturday Farmers Market—don’t be shy to stop by for multiple visits to play around with different pairings of Lynn’s housemade ice cream flavors and Aneta’s unique brew flavors like Lavender Moringa, Berry Hibiscus, Jun Honey Matcha and the newest, Acai Beet kombucha. 

Photo courtesy of SaraFresh.

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