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Whether we’re ready for it or not, the holiday season is upon us. Neighborhood dinner soirees, holiday work parties and festive family get-togethers. This time of year gathers everyone together around some sort of dining table, with endless baked goods in hand. November and December will perpetually be our guiltless cheat months. If this year, you want to shamelessly indulge as much as host your own hot-out-the-oven treats, this new book may help do the trick.

Food writer, pastry chef and educator, Susie Norris wants to help home cooks celebrate the holidays with home-baked meals and mood-lifting sweets through the world's great culinary capitals.  In her new cookbook, A Baker’s Passport, Norris shares over 200 technique-driven recipes culled from her global travels and her award-winning culinary travel blog, Food Market Gypsy, designed to inspire home cooks as well as experienced chefs.If baking is a newfound hobby for you, Norris suggests key ingredients and cooking tools to have on hand before departing on what is sure to be a finger licking good adventure.

This global tour of regional baking explores the breads of Vienna, the cakes of France, Amercian family favorites and much more. By 2020, you’ll have stamped your passport full with worldly recipes including Quiche Lorraine, Chicken Blanc, Black Forest Cake and Creme Brûlée, as well as different soufflés, sweet and savory pies and cookies. No matter what ethnic background your family hails or which holiday you celebrate, these recipes are sure to unite all in jolly pastry delight.

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