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As the normal day wound down to a close at Michael’s on East, 44 turkeys were getting cooked in preparation of today’s Thanksgiving offerings at the Sarasota restaurant.

“We have traditions, people who have been coming here for 20 plus years,” said co-proprietor Michael Klauber. And so the restaurant, when it opens doors at 2 p.m., will be slicing turkey while sommeliers pull out special wines.

The region’s rich culinary scene will in many ways be popping as vibrantly as on any Friday night, with restaurateurs keeping doors open for diners in the mood for a feast but with no need to spend the holiday over an oven.

At Mattison’s locations, special holiday meals are offered in restaurant or to go. 

“Mattison’s is a family and we recognize that not everyone can be near their families on the holidays but they still want to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere,” said Caryn Hodge, marketing director. “Also, many people don’t want to spend their holiday time cooking and cleaning so we are honored that they choose Mattison’s.”

Bevardi’s Salute will be offering a three-course Thanksgiving menu from 1 to 8 p.m. Guests can start with a butternut squash pique or Holiday spinach salad, dive into a traditional turkey dinner and finish with an apple or pumpkin pie. 

“Since we are a family business with Italian roots, the most important thing to us is that families make time to celebrate and enjoy a wonderful meal together,” said Chef Laszlo Bevardi. “This is a busy time for people, but when families can stop and enjoy it is important. It makes sense that this is a cherished holiday in the U.S.”

The restaurant also offers up signature Italian seafood dishes. “You would be surprise how many people want something else besides turkey on Thanksgiving,” he said.

Glauber concurred that many guests come in and want to look at the full menu. “Though we sell a lot of turkey, it’s amazing how many order a rack or lamb or duck,” he said.

The restaurants open on Thanksgiving to offer a sense of family and community to guests, but run holiday hours so that employees can spend time with their own loved ones as well. Check any restaurants’ hours today before making plans.

Photo courtesy Bevardi's Salute: The Sarasota restaurant will offer traditional Thanksgiving offerings along with signature menu items.

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