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James and Kristi have been licensed as foster parents in Manatee County since December of 2017.  Together, the couple and their four biological children:  Jordan (16), Tyler (14), Alex (11), and Mason (8M) have opened their hearts and home and provided safe, loving care for three children brought into foster care due to abuse and neglect in our local community.  In the nearly three years that they have served as foster parents, and have distinguished themselves by truly embracing their role as partners with each child’s biological family members and healers of the family unit.  James and Kristi expressed that they best thing about being a foster parent, It is a blessing and an honor to create a safe and loving environment for children placed with us as well as be a support system and encouragement to their family as they walk through the foster care system.  Our goal is to make genuine connections with the families and help build healthy relationships between the families and their children for a successful reunification.”  In addition to working in cooperation with each child’s professional team and attending numerous staffings and court hearings, the couple have worked directly with parents and relatives to support these important relationships and enhance each child’s chance of safely returning to their families of origin.  Furthermore to making a positive difference in their own foster children’s lives, the couple also serve as mentors to other local foster parents, providing support and guidance on what can at times be a difficult journey for substitute caregivers. Thank you James, Kristi, Jordan, Tyler, Alex, and Mason for your dedication and service to the children and families in our community! 

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