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As the oldest blood bank in the state of Florida, and one of the oldest nonprofit blood centers in the entire country, SunCoast Blood Bank continues to cultivate a close-knit community of donors to treat critically ill patients. Celebrating their 71st Anniversary this month, its mission has evolved over the decades. Not only does it collect and distribute a safe supply of blood products, it now participates in cutting-edge cancer treatment and bioresearch.  Formerly known as Lower West Coast Blood Bank, in February 1949 its founders planted the seeds of a humanitarian idea that would blossom over the next seven decades. Tens of thousands of dedicated volunteers have helped provide the critical lifesaving gift of blood to local hospitals and patients. The majority of blood products it collects is used to treat cancer patients. In its inaugural year, the blood bank collected 551 pints of blood, now called “units.” Today, more than 1,000 blood drives are held in the region annually, and more than 40,000 units are collected. But what really sets SunCoast apart from other blood banks is its local presence—blood bank board and management live in the communities it serves, and focuses on personalized and sincere interactions with every donor. The backbone of the nonprofit remains its continued support from blood donors, financial donors and volunteers. Its success has, and continues, to rely entirely on the generosity of its loyal and steadfast donors. 

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