The Hermitage Artist Retreat Receives $100,000 Matching Pledge in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

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Andy Sandberg, the artistic director and CEO of the Hermitage Artist Retreat, today announced a generous dollar-for-dollar pledge from the Manasota Key-based Cook family. According to Sandberg, the Cooks have committed to matching every donation the organization receives up to $100,000 until June 30. “Amidst challenging times, it is wonderful to have champions,” says Sandberg. “We are delighted and heartened by the Cook family’s extraordinary support, and all of us at the Hermitage are truly grateful.” Through this match, the Cooks are doubling the impact of every gift in this critical time. “We are sensitive to the fact that the work that we and our artistic colleagues do, however vital and impactful, may seem less urgent when compared to matters of life and death amidst this horrible pandemic,” Sandberg adds. “Still, the arts and the creative spirit are part of what make our lives so meaningful and special. We are fortunate to be part of a community in which the arts are such an important player, and we look forward to rolling out our plans for the upcoming season. “We are hopeful the Cooks’ overwhelming generosity will inspire others to show their support for the Hermitage, as we rally behind the artists and the creative process that fill the stages, the museums, and the concert halls that we all know and love. In addition, as you open your hearts to make a difference in our community, we hope you will consider not only the Hermitage, but also our fellow arts organizations who are struggling in this difficult time.” A number of celebrated Hermitage Fellows, including Pulitzer Prize winners and past winners of the prestigious Hermitage Greenfield Prize, have been speaking out about the importance and meaning of the organization in this critical time, noting the transformative and inspirational nature of this unique program and environment. These alumni have shared statements and videos raising their voices in support of the organization.

View testimonials from Hermitage alumni.

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